Sunday, July 12, 2015

WMD: Weapons of Feminist Destruction


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have concluded that perusing Maureen Dowd is cognate to treading in feline excrement with a viscidness which will not leave.

For the liberal intellectual readers of Dowd I will communicate as she attempts in, reading Maureen Dowd the super intelligent feminist of the New York Times is like walking in kitty poo with a stickiness that is interminable.

The subject of this discourse though is the Weapons of Feminist Destruction or WMD's, AKA, also known as UWS, also known as Ugly Woman's Scorn. One must understand that when a woman puts all her wiles into play for the man or butch of her dreams, it is all supposed to be painting toe nails and giggling over how lovely you are and how Miss America just does not measure up.
With that little insight in forensic psychology, let us examine the women in the west, led by American leftists who emboldened terrorists, got Americans and Muslims murdered, got a foreign Birther in Obama installed for having hot twats needing to be sullied up by a Designer Negro and our real favorite of not taking responsibility for another colossal wrong choice, but blaming others and doubling down that we just need more Obamanism.
In other words, it is the argument of why Maureen did not unplug the battery charger in burning down the New York Times and her screaming reply is, "You act just like your Mum."

You do remember the olde quip of liberals in the entire world hated us, because George W. Bush is a man right? Dowd opined that maybe Mexico did not hate us, but the rest of the world did. Odd or queer is it not that under sodomite Barack Hussein Obama Chin and the image, that even now Mexico hates America to invading her, after Obama and Eric Holder dumped assault weapons into latin land and bunches of beaners got hosed down with lead.
For the liberal intellectual the above translates, "Mexicans got shot due to Obama Gun Runner."

In the time of seperation it is good to review the wisdom of Maureen Dowd as the sodomite, Southern hating, race baiting, death rationing Obama regime is the answer to all the things Maureen Dowd was screeching over along with feminists........which got Americans murdered and Muslims too.

We can read in Bushworld, that Maureen Dowd hated Attorney General, John Ashcroft. Yes Ashcroft was the Blue Suit Burkah or something she nattered on about.......the nattering was that the AG put up a blue curtain behind him for press conferences, as he noted when dealing with the subject of terrorists murdering Americans, it would be better if the naked breasts of some hideous statues that appeared with that pervert Robert Kennedy's regime remember that RFK and JFK who tried to throw an American Soldier into prison for being "psychologically unbalanced due to being a Conservative"?
If not, now you do my children and brats.

Let us be clear in this and or succinct. Nude artwork is porn. It makes no difference what ancient master was carving tits and ass, it was all porn even in a museum or cathedral, and was designed to get people to look, so the artist would be famous, rich and adorned by the powerful elite.

Once we  understand this, we now know how correct Maureen Dowd was in women should never be treated with Christian virtue and idolizing women for John Ashcroft to exploit them, as the terror message was most important, but this was wrong according to Dowd.

Yes it was  much better to import an Indonesian native, of Chinese Negroid extract of secular Islam, in Barack Hussein Obama Chin, who had an open hand policy to Muslims abusing women in cutting their hands and head off......raping them, selling them, as that is a much better intellectual choice than John Ashcroft the Christian, because the Designer Negro Obama was unleashed to politically rape Hillary Clinton in the democratic 20008 primary and then go on to lipstick on a pig politically rape Sarah Palin to Christine McDonald.

The wisdom of Maureen Dowd scorched the Pentagon for having that other disgusting Christian, in Franklin Graham speaking the Truth. It is far better to have Birther Hussein putting a Muslim messiah halo on his head, taking Jesus off the Christmas tree and sodomizing America, as how could Mr. Graham be correct as was the Dowd screed on page 266 of Bushworld for saying that "The True God is the God of the Bible, not the Koran." and this reality, Christianity and Islam were  "as different as lightness and darkness".

Yes it was far better to rid America of those Christian ideals and morals of the Founders and Jesus, as the world is much safer with Obama terrorists committing genocide on Christians in Syria, along with Muslims, and it is far better for the Obama  regime to dump assault weapons into creations of John Kerry in South Sudan where mass castration of boys left to bleed out and mass rapes of little girls, followed by mass murder is a much more astute intellectual policy of the liberal feminist Maureen Dowd.......and the cure for this, sort of head cold causing these minor sniffles in the world, is to dose this with a communist like Bernie Sanders or another lesbian abomination in Hamrod Clinton and Huma.

Let us though, find more Dowd wisdom in her quoting on page 142 of Bushworld from her cut and paste columns of Mockingbird manipulation of liberal intellectuals.

"At a Georgetown cocktail party last week, Robert McNamara, the mastermind behind our most despicable Asian policy,  told others guests W. had botched releations with Beijing so badly we could end up at war with China in the next decade. He should know." 

Apparently this liberal intellectualism sort of is on another time line in years, as this was in 2001 AD in the year of our Lord, and in not searching it out, as I would not have missed a war with nuclear China in 2011 in the Obama regime, America clearly did not get into a war with China, but by 2011, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had sold most of America to Chinese debt holders, and the interest rates are China taking possession of sand islands to steal oil from other Asians in the China Sea.........

Obviously the Bush43 China containment policy did indeed work in Shock and Awe, but the wisdom of Maureen Dowd and her Peggy Noonan choice of Birther Hussein has yielded a much more flexible policy with the Asian powers as Birther promised after the 2012 election theft.

Yes how is that Ukraine nuclear jousting with Vladimir Putin turning out in that fine John Kerry sanction policy ready to start World War IV.

Please no need to answer as it is certain that the cat excrement of Maureen Dowd's wisdom will find a way to stick to something in large enough quantities of Mockingbird guano that it will all make sense.

If one examines the empirical evidence of the Dowd feminist bomb, it would seem a disaster, unless you are the employee of a cartel with designs to make America a vassal state, so it can be dictated to, but used as war power to murder other nations. For example, if Maureen Dowd was a doctor, a physician, as there were numbers of worthless liberal children who got Caribbean medical diplomas in her era, she by evidence has misdiagnosed every patient she has come into contact with. She is the Dr. Mengele of medicine really, but then he too was successful in being a leftist intellectual, ridding himself of all those pesky Christian morals.

There simply is nothing in what Maureen Dowd counseled in her writings which has been correct or ended positively. She has been proven wrong that  George W. Bush was wrong, and has been convicted that every one of her choices from fornication to taking pillow talk dictation for the Mockingbird scripts has had nothing but lethal effects on liberals, conservatives and those in between.

These realities are a miniscule reminder of Dowd, but the ginormous reality that all of these liberal morons  have created a world not in Nobel Obama Peace, but one shifted to nuclear war as women around the world are abused and Christians are murdered in mass.

The one ray of light in this is that Dowd and Obama produced no known offspring, nor will their sodomite unions, so in a generation they all will be buried. The problem in this is America is in the dark Obama Abyss and it will not survive another generation, as it is now a Mexican Vatican socialist state, and it will be conquered by the Asian aggressors.........that is of course if that pesky Jesus of those Christians does not come back and fight the Armegeddon battle against the next wave of Obamavoters fawning globally over the antiChrist.

Nuff said.