Saturday, August 15, 2015

Allen West Goes Gay


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is disappointing really, as I never figured that Allen West was part of the don't scratch don't yell that included Ann Coulter and Homo Hannity.

It is though now certain where Allen West is obtaining his funding from, and that is the billionaire fag boys inflated by Karl Rove off of Wall Street to funnel money to the Bush43 campaign. This group tried to overthrow CPAC, and has been busy scripting things for Homo Hannity and others pushing this sodomite agenda.

So what gets Al's undies in a twist is Obama's Muslims are tossing sodomites off a roof just like Chris Stevens Libya up the ass in being raped to death.

I told you this is about eliminating the pedophile competition as fags have lost their stepping stone value now.

There is not going to be any liberal outrage over this, because they want homosexuals eliminated. It is just a disappointment that Allen West has gone faglands.

This is not a horrific hate crime which is disturbing as Mr. West puts it. It is what Israelites were ordered to do from God, is what the English, French, Americans, Scandinavians and any other Christian peoples undertook at their foundings. God hates sin and sodomy is an abomination to God, so Allen West apparently has a problem with God.........but not with promoting the billionaire fag boys with money who fund most of these "right wing" sites.

Have not noted a great deal of outrage nor bumper to bumper Allen West condemnations when it is the Christians in Syria being religicided........just the sodomites get the attention.

That's all.