Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Breitbart is hinting of Donald Trump's Death

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My Facebook wall is so overflowing that I miss most  things up there, but this morning as I was trying to post in it taking the NSA forever to post it, that a Breitbart story appeared about Ted Cruz, in something which I found odd, and the more I puzzled over it during the day, it started to trouble me, as what Cruz was saying as reported by Breitbart concerning Donald Trump.

It is not what Cruz said at Politico, but it was the way that Breitbart phrased it as it had two meanings.

Here is the Breitbart quote:

"says he hopes all of Donald Trump’s supporters vote and campaign for the Republican Party in 2016–and the GOP trend of attacking them will assure the exact opposite."

This is a statement as Cruz said it, in he was looking to Trump voters to volunteer also for the GOP, but consider the context of the way Breitbart phrased the above in it could mean, "If Donald Trump is not around, as his voters have been bashed around by the GOP, that Cruz wants the Trump voters to still vote for the Republicans".

For the idiots and morons who doubt what the Lame Cherry is exposing, the group behind this is not going to come out and say, "Yeah when Trump is dead, vote for Cruz as he is our guy". This is subtle, too damned subtle and that is what is the most troubling about all of this, as this is more than the Jebcavers, but the real powers behind this who have you on a leash one hundred times a day and none of you even are aware of it.

The reason I am making what seems a stretch in this, is this is how the seeds of "mind warping" are sown. Cruz comes out saying "work for the GOP again, no matter how bad you have been ass raped by the GOP and betrayed by them", but Breitbart is hinting at that Donald Trump is not going to be around.

There was a push against Trump by Breitbart, running a spin poll which might have shown in Iowa that Trump, might have, might be, could have been, hurt by the FOX debacle. Why even focus on that, unless of course Breitbart is backing someone else.

Breitbart is indeed a Ted Cruz pusher. They are promoting Ted Cruz in their odd voting polls which look like Ron Paul's 12 voters, voting 5000 times for Cruz to have Cruz always winning at Breitbart.

I will remind readers that Andrew Breitbart was assassinated after threatening to reveal information which would bring down Birther Obama. Breitbart had cartel minders all around Andrew Breitbart and that is who took over that information site........and if you need reminding, Breitbart came out with some bullshit information after Mr. Breitbart was murdered which was nothing that would have brought down Obama's panties, little alone that regime.

So we know for certain that the minders are running Breitbart for the cartel to mind that group which adhere there. They are backing Ted Cruz who absolutely was stagnant in the polls, and rose in the polls after the debate.......because Ted Cruz was given the first round of questions and then disappeared after FOX went after Donald Trump to finish him off.

Assemble this now with this interesting bit of information which has been reported in Ted Cruz by miracle received 225,000 contributors which were new....and all he had before this were two Texas billionaires who had given him multi millions of dollars. There was something odd in the report also in it was said the "average" was 68 dollars.

I am not going to focus on Ted Cruz was born in Canada, and not registered as an American until his mother asked him if he wanted to be Canadian or American. What sends up red flares in this for me is this:

Mrs. Ted Cruz was part of the Council on Foreign Relations. I repeat, she is just like Hillary Clinton in a Rockefeller asset. You never hear this stuff mentioned.

Heidi Cruz, was not only a member of CFR, but she was tasked with writing the framework for Building A North American Community. If you would like that translated, Heidi Cruz was working for and promoting the end of the United States of America, and what the CFR has been attempting in the North American Union, where Mexico and Canada would be the same power of America. Do you get why Obama and Bush are for all those Mexicans being salted into America? It is for this melding of all three nations.

Odd is it not that Ted Cruz somehow has all of this left out of questions from Megyn Kelly, but is set up to knock out answers to make people rally around him as a "conservative".
People have been focused on from the start of this, how Cruz is backing Trump, but you will notice that Cruz never protested what FOX did to Donald Trump.

What I am driving at here is Breitbart seems to be sowing a seed like all of the Jebcave media of "Donald Trump not in the race". Well where the hell is Donald Trump going, and why would his voters not be voting where Donald was running?

The only connect the dots in this trail is that Donald Trump would not be any longer in the race, because he would be not of this earth any longer, due to being assassinated.

Now ask yourself, who has positioned himself to be inheritor of the Trump voting party?

Return to the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. The brilliant Howard Hughes messaged Boy Mayhew on the eve of that event, that it would be a perfect opportunity to take over the entire Democratic party......and perhaps Hughes was thinking of running himself.

Ted Cruz has been steering to get Trump voters to think GOP in voting for more of these damned GOP frauds who will bow to Boehner and McConnell in projecting the Obama agenda. Then we have Cruz as "Trump's cheerleader" would be the candidate that the Trump voters would be persuaded to rally behind as Cruz was the one guy who was acting white to Donald Trump when he was alive.

So Cruz plays the good cop in the FOX debacle successfully. Fiorina falls on her sword as intended as she is Hillary in a GOP skirt, and as Donald Trump continues to surge in cementing a coalition.......who is left to inherit the wind in a Trump murder, but CFR, North American Union, New World Order, Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz has been a bait dangled at people on the right from the start. His filibuster of Green Eggs and Ham was a scam. He performed for a few hours, was defeated, looked weak, and deflated all the Americans who were hoping something could be done, but being vanquished they lost their momentum again. Again no revolution, just Ted Cruz letting the air out of their tires again.

This is a process of political assassination, first by the Jeb press. Then by FOX, and next comes Hugh Hewitt who hates Donald Trump and will oversee another hammering of Donald Trump at the Reagan Library.

The cartel as I stated is going to bring down Trump by smear first if they can. If that does not work in all of you children not falling for the fake polls showing Trump suddenly down in the polls, when he was surging the day previous, that come March, the cartel will murder Donald Trump.

In both cases, who is setting himself up to inherit the Trump base, but the guy who is married to the golden girl of the New World Order to write the end of America in being absorbed by Canada and Mexico. Yes that Ted Cruz.
Heidi Cruz was a CFR employee, but as Ted Cruz appeared in DC, she suddenly quit her job, and just as suddenly Ted Cruz started spouting off like Ronald Reagan.

From the tracks of all of this, I know Ted Cruz is a minder like most of these candidates. When your wife has a Langley address, she is CIA, and when your wife is CFR, she is an agent of the same people who employed Birther Hussein.

I am warning you children, that each of you is being prepared for something, and something is the end of Donald Trump, a permanent end.

Start contemplating these things, and stop being blinded by the emotion and the reactionary impulses which are intended in all of this, to keep you from standing back and thinking about what you are witnessing.

I have to get this posted now as it is late and I have another big day tomorrow again. Today the metro hub was shut down by the Operational Sub Group who are not pleased of the Jeb Bush expose' featured here in his deviant family, and the shadowlands which are working this part of this operation.

I will continue to do my best to keep Donald Trump alive, by pointing out these  ringers which are being rung to make you react like Pavlov's dog. None of you have had the chance to step back and notice this phase. It is though the reality and is now known.

Ted Cruz was with Glenn Beck handing out teddy bears to illegals. Ever hear of Ted Cruz giving one toy to the children of the 93 million unemployed in America?


et tu Brute Cruz? 

Heid Cruz of the Rockefeller Council on Foreign Relations

Breitbart warps just a bit more of what Ted Cruz is warping for the GOP