Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cecil the King of Genocide


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Now that an innocent American is being hunted by Obama regime poachers over Cecil, it is time to explain something in how all of this is going to annihilate wildlife and Zibabweans for a generation, in which it will never recover.

There are those who cheer when hunting is stopped, but when it ceased in Kenya, poaching abounded and the wildlife was wiped out. That is the point in this which no one addresses, but the Lame Cherry will, as I noted a site complaining about 200 million dollar trophy hunting revenue in Africa, but then are castigating the Professional Hunters as only a small percentage of that goes to the local economy.

Here is the point missed in this.

For each lion shot, almost 1000 animals will per year which will not die feeding that lion.

Factor the second part in, that Africans are poor, and they do not have electricity, power machines nor access to expensive fencing which they could not afford in the first place. I explain in this, an African trying to have a flock of chickens or herd of goats to have something to eat, is going to be like most Americans are finding out, in their poultry and calves are feeding coyotes, wolves and lions as US Fish and Wildlife protects those animals.
So for every lion shot, it means an African is not pulled off their bicycle and eaten, as all those tourists taking pictures teach lions to not fear humans, and when an African goes pedaling by, it is just easier to eat a human than chase a zebra which will kick a lion.

That is the factor in this which matters. It is the poor African who can not keep elephants out of their patches, no more than keep lions and leopards from their bomas taking goats, sheep and cattle which mean eating and not starving.

This is not about Robert Mugabe stealing more money out of Rhodesia in license fees. This is about the reality that the world hunting fraternity, meaning Americans, Europeans and Japanese are watching this persecution of Walter Arnold, and thinking as you would, 'Do I really want to hunt in a nation where if my Professional Hunters legally lure a lion off the park, and I shoot it, am I going to end up in an African prison to die?"
The answer will be, "I  think I will hunt Namibia or Botswana instead."

So all of that money stops flowing into Africa proper, and the reality is, out of 200 million dollars, even if it is just 1.8% which is almost 4 MILLION DOLLARS in black communities that 100 dollars a year is a fortune. (Remember Obama's brother George that Barry abandoned, existed in a hut without a crapper as poverty is established there so the European cartels can exploit those nations.)

So that 4 million dollars is not going to go to communities where blacks are working as trackers, skinners, camp maintenance and stewards. This is the kind of fear factor which is not going to be forgotten.

Take for example Mozambique. This nation was once a great hunting area, but the communists there were murdering the human population for decades, and that nation only opened up again in the early 1980's. That was almost 40 years ago, and that nation is still not a place where hunters flock to, as it got a bad reputation.
Remember this is the home of Theresia Heinz Kerry. It is a beautiful nation,  but let a few hunters get roughed up and the hunters never forget.

This is why one always goes through a hunting consultant like Jack Atcheson and Sons. That way one does not end up with problems in most cases one does not want.

I have to mention in this, hunting safaris are not all the same. Some people like to drive around and shoot game and that is all. I prefer to walk out of camp, with an old PH who will chatter at me about insects to birds in being a naturalist, and if we find something, making a stalk and getting some camp meat, as our leopard bait hangs by a hide for an evening hunt.
Safaris cost a great deal of money, and the thirty day safari is a thing of the past, and is the realm of the elephant hunt where one wears out a pair of boots walking up an elephant.

For the record on Walter Palmer, he worked his ass off on that Cecil, and was highly responsible. After making a bad shot, he spent 40 hours with his PH walking that lion up. If you have no experience in this, this is not strolling along having a smoke and daydreaming. You are watching with a loaded firearm, as is your PH. Each of you, with a tracker out front is scanning every bush and blade of grass with your pocket binoculars for a tawny bit of hide, or a flick of a tail, as wounded lions are malevolent and use their spoor to murder those following it from hyenas to humans.

This is the reality of the eco terrorists and their enablers. The same group butchering babies in Planned Parenthood are the same group cheering mass murder of Col. Khadaffi and his 50 compatriots, and now are in the process of murdering more Americans, and the further destruction of African wildlife.

There is no such thing as preservation. Cecil the lion will not live forever. His time had run out. SO GET THIS FACT.
Cecil was off the refuge because CECIL was having problems stealing food from the lionesses and cubs. So he was trying to steal it from other predators lesser than him, as HE WAS OLD. Being old, Cecil was on borrowed time, before another lion challenged him and killed him, or injured he would limp off and be surrounded by hyenas and devoured as most lions are.

SO YOU GET THIS, it is far better that this lion earned 50,000 dollars to make Robert Mugabe happy as he deposits that money into a European bank to make the Obama benefactors happy there.  That way some of the locals get the lions, leopards and elephants shot and things are much better for the prey animals, including humans.

What the people who are GETTING DONATIONS off of wildlife which they never help, but are in this to make money, just accomplished is this by design:

They put more wildlife on the endangered list in and they will blame hunting, when it is their policies. To which, they will then beg you for more money by lying to you.

The secondary part is about teaching Americans they will be extradited as examples, to make you cower like the Africans do from lions.

This is like Bill Clinton taxing yachts. It killed the yacht business and the poor people who earned a living from it. image Obama and Mugabe are doing the same thing with Cecil. They are destroying more African wildlife as they have another political objective.

Obama attacks Mugabe

United States President Barack Obama on Tuesday railed against African dictators and life presidents, ... "Robert Mugabe is not doing us any favour by ...

Yes image Obama hate each other, and yet they are coordinating behind he scenes over Cecil. Do not forget that fact in all the Obama has culled any damn leader in Africa he chose, but somehow Robert Mugabe can not be brought down. Figure it out past the propaganda.

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