Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Creating the Serial Killers of Sodomites


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There is something in the sodomite unions and the pedophilia exposure in the Boy Scouts which does require addressing in Forensic Psychology, which only this blog is qualified to analyze.

Without keeping the punchline a secret, the reality is that America during the next 20 years is going to produce a mass crop of sodomite and pedophile killers of the serial type all due to the legalization of these degenerate groups and exposure of children.

The fact is that the majority of the incarcerated in the American prison system were children who were abused by sodomites. The case of Tommy Lynn Sells is an example.

Sells was a created entity. He was created in the same manner which homosexuals are created by environment. As a child he was abandoned by his mother, to an Aunt, and then at age five, he had his life disrupted again in being taken custody of by his mother.
Mother is a generic term in this for womb provider, as by age 8, Tommy Lynn Sells was pawned off by his mother to a pedophile named Willis Clark, who began to rape the child repeatedly.

It was this exposure of not having a stable male female parental relationship, correct affection and abuse, which created Sells. He became a drifter as a teenager, and at age 16 he broke into a house, where he found a pervert sucking the penis of a young boy.
Sells went into a rage and killed the pervert. This would be his first kill, as the reality is murder is an illegal act, but the act of stopping a pervert from molesting a child is simply killing, whether the legal terms are warped or not in the Obama 21st century.
One can at this point recall the Barack Hussein Comments of "Uncle Frank's urine stained underwear" and stench in Obama poetry as a child while drinking whiskey with this confirmed child molester. Perverts are created as sociopaths.

It is known that Sells traveled America, sometimes raping women, beating them, knifing them. From his admissions, it is known that he relived his being abused in his murders of males. There were 22 confirmed killings and murders, and the number is estimated to be as high as 50 over a 20 year journey.

What America with the image of Barack Hussein Obama, and the John Roberts Supreme Court with Anthony Kennedy, has initiated in the sodomization of America is an incubation chamber for serial rapists, killers and murderers.

A site like Ask the Bigot  lists the world of children exposed to homosexual "families" and how these children are abused emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is a constant case of children being cordoned off from 'straight relatives' and exposed to sodomy which these children are demanded to accept.
The webmistress of the site is a survivor and she is constantly being stalked and terrorized by the George Takei militant fag types. These are not normal people and they are producing abnormal children with the same anti social misbehavior.

In that, we come to the incubation chamber of we know the damage which incest, molestation, abandonment, denial and trauma inflicts upon children. The literal "baby care" generation are a group of children who were abandoned and abused by neglect so men and women could pay the bills or have careers. This hardened an entire generation of children to a new level of callousness emotionally. We now see a generation of this type, having been exposed to sexual molestation, presented to them as "experimentation" as the EQUALZ generation of perverts and deviants.

It is this chamber of horrors which children are now being forced into by the police state of the image of Barack Obama. Children are resilient creatures as most of us can attest to what we have suffered through in life. Children are also deeply psychotic as the 60 million Obama voters revealed in being racists, sex perverts and Caucasian haters.
It is this created sociopathic group which is the one which is being created with police state sanctioning. Meaning, Tommy Lynn Sells is being generated a thousand times over. This is not just the behind the doors child abuse which sent numbers of men and women to the prison system, as they acted out in violence, but this is a number which is going to be multiplied as the predation is going to be unleashed. So this point is understood, it is not the latch key children whose worthless single family parents did not monitor the children and perverts "befriended them" to molest them, but it is the reality now that perverts have absolute access to children by legal right of the Supreme Court. Deviants can produce, adopt, raise and have contact with myriads of children from the Boy Scouts to the deviant couple down the block, or their odd Uncle Bruce Jenner who comes for a visit.

This is what America is producing. Thousands of children to be molested, abused, raped and those not suicided or murdered, will generate a minority of "saved Christians" to bring the message out and be terrorized by this George Takei militant fag corp, but a greater majority will be an amplified group according to Forensic Psychology projections of adept serial killers and murderers, who just happen to have a program like Dexter to teach them how to blend in with society and conduct their pyschotic manifestation of retribution on those who trigger them or are at the moment there to vent upon.

The current estimate is that 126,000 children are abused in some form in America each year. This is the crop of future deviants to prey on your children, whores for your spouse to bring home diseases to you from, and add to the burgeoning harvest of sodomites.
Now add to this known group, actual legalized association of pedophilia by sodomite couples, and factor in it is ritualistic, in the sense of constant exposure which desensitizes the human nature of self control and activates the animal nature out of control, and literally one witnesses a manifestation of the sodomite pedophile cultural destructions which ended the Israelite Kingdom, the Greek Empire and the Roman Empire.

Those are the facts in this, which the absolute evidence is revealing. The homosexual militant is manifesting in fury and America's prison system in overflowing with molested children. The entire dynamic of normal families protecting children has ceased. America is now an incubation chamber of abnormal misbehavior which manifests in fury and criminal actions.

The serial murderer hunting homosexuals will be the norm, as much as the pedophiles which will be protected by law. Serial killers hunt a type which is familiar to them. That type is homosexuals and pedophiles. The literal affliction of homosexuality is going to find a pandemic of serial killer children which the sodomites create which will cause their numerous cropping as much as any pox.