Saturday, August 8, 2015

Erick Jebstate Erickson

 Erick the moron Erickson

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is Erick Erickson the judge, jury and executioner who censured Donald Trump from a red state political forum, which featured Megyn Kelly and Jeb Bush, bashing Donald Trump over a statement which was said that Donald Trump said Kelly was on the rag in being so bitchy at Donald Trump.

As the cartel mic heads are throwing down on Donald Trump, it is time to keep exposing all these frauds which are not Conservatives and infesting the Ronald Reagan right and taking your money and ruining your reputation.

Erickson likes to throw out the "Lord" as much as Reagan, and used God to say that the Lord moved Erickson to a paid whore on liberal CNN.
Then God apparently changed His mind 3 years later in moving Erick Erickson to FOX, home of crotch exposing Megyn Kelly and Obama promoter Rupert Murdoch.

Yes God enjoys jumping into bed with people who hate His children and with FOX prostitutes.

Then we have the judgmental Erick Erickson, you know the guy who said we need to dump Donald Trump as Donald Trump just says the wrong things............

Care for an Erick Erickson quote?

OK here it is:

"The nation loses the only goat fucking child molester to ever serve on the Supreme Court in David Souter's retirement"

Yes we have Erick Erickson judging Donald Trump and censoring Mr. Trump, when Presidential  Candidate Donald Trump has issued a statement saying HE NEVER EVEN THOUGHT OF ANYTHING BUT BLOOD COMING OUT OF MEGYN KELLY'S NOSE AND in a Carrie movie scene.

Erick Erickson shill of Nigger Baiter Roger Ailes of FOX though certainly meant GOAT FUCKER when he said that.

Oh wait, what about Jeb Bush? You remember this quote by Jeb Bush right?

 Immigrants "are more fertile- and they love families!"

Yes Jeb Bush clearly saying that Mexicans are are fucking all the time, but it makes it alright when they are not raping American women and children, as they love their families more than Americans, not raping their women and children.

The Jeb Bush political assassins have started a war on Donald Trump. The Lame Cherry is going to make it expensive for these frauds for Bush in reminding everyone that they are NOT CONSERVATIVES.