Friday, August 7, 2015

jeb for brains

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have had it with these Jeb Bush morons who keep posting that Donald Trump is a democratic plant to install Hillary Clinton. The reality is Donald Trump had a lucrative Apprentice program cancelled by NBC which cost him hundreds of millions of dollars in current and future earnings to run for President. That kind of fact just escapes these keyboard tappers who have jeb for brains.

I do not have the time to keep knocking this propaganda down and exposing these nitwits to things so obvious, and yet no one is noting such simple things as facts.
If the syndicate promoting Jeb Bush can not come up with better brain spin than this to appeal to parrots reposting it, they need to give it up as it is too easy to expose as utter nonsense.

The smarminess of this is the same as  Obama 2008, in these minders sent out to post rumors and spin. If you chose to support someone, just post it as to why you are supporting them and quit the nonsense of making anything Donald Trump is as some reason he is satan.
Donald Trump is being persecuted for being Donald Trump and nothing else. He is exactly like every American being attacked for being an American.

When the elite shot John Kennedy, part of the Mockingbird programme was to send out a hundred stories of conspiracy to taint the conspiracy. We are observing now, a new charge against Donald Trump in this proven conspiracy every week, instead of taking on Donald Trump in the issues.

The reason the elite will not take on Donald Trump on the issues, is because Donald Trump is right on the issues in exactly the way Americans think.

No one has mentioned except here, the greatest expose' which Donald Trump has accomplished in service to America, is showing the damned lies we have been told for years to keep the GOP and democrats from putting forward right wing candidates, as only middle of the road nonsense will get people elected.
I will agree with Rush Limbaugh in why in the hell should Rand Paul be going after like 75% of a small voting group in the middle and the left, when a Republican just needs to go after 6% of a large voting group on the right to get elected.

Donald Trump is going after the same demographics which Ronald Reagan did, and that elected Reagan easily twice.

It is past time to start calling these jeb heads morons with the proof to point out the fools they are. If you see any attacks on Donald Trump, none of them are genuine. They are either paid minders for the cartel or they are complete dip shits just reposting things they heard.