Monday, August 17, 2015

Mormon not Muslim Terrorism of Americans for 2016

In recent Facebook post, libertarian radio talk show host Glenn Beck thought that it would be funny to viciously attack Donald Trump's wife, Melania Trump. "[If...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I will post it here first. America is not just assaulted by Obama jihad. There is a Mormon terrorism being inflicted upon all Americans. Glenn Beck is from that same Mitt Romney groupies who are savaging Donald Trump with the elite. I broke the story that the hacks who did the Lindsey Graham cell phone video and were involved in the first debate were Mitt Romney associates.

These Mormon elite are a syndicate, as organized as the Ashkenaz elite financiers, and they are just as dangers as image Obama's Islamic jihad in America. They are all cartel generated, promoted and protected.

This has to be something which is focused upon and made an issue of in making people aware. Mormons were at war with America at their founding and murdered Americans on the frontier. This war has erupted today in this Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney terrorism. It is disgusting what is taking place from that psychotic Matt Walsh attacking the families of murdered children for supporting Donald Trump, to this Glenn Beck filth in attacking the wife of Donald Trump.

There is not one whit of difference between Mecca not condemning Islamic jihad, Jerusalem not condemning Netanyahu for aiding ISIS in Syria and Salt Lake City not ex communicating these terrorists named Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck.

This is not a matter of slander in any of these groups, but the reality of criminal terrorism. No wife and mother in America, should be subjected to this kind of character rape which Glenn Beck just terrorized the Trump family over.