Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Obama regime via EPA moves to Seize Colorado in Eco Terrorism


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The reality of the Obama regimes EPA eco terrorism on the Animas River is an interesting study of States such as Colorado having all funding sucked from them by the federal regime, in trying to maintain control, tax revenues and jobs for Citizens, in making due with the best of nothing.

To understand what the eco terrorists of the Obama regime did, this is the reality of it all.

Silverton was a mining community, which was a boom town and then a bust town, due to the manipulations of the globalists and all of these EPA rules.

Back in the 1990's there was a company at the lower edge of this mountain which stopped mining. In mining, you must comprehend that what it involves is large amounts of water to wash out paydirt, which then goes into a rocker, to obtain the heavy ores.

Mines are dug into dirt, where there is water, which often enough seeps through or breaks through shafts, causing problems.

This is where this all started in a lower level mine was leaking out "polluted" water into the watershed. A Colorado Court worked out a deal where the mining company would plug the damn hole with concrete, and then spend money cleaning up the watershed in a settlement, which they did.

The problem is as Dave Taylor, a retired geologist who posted a letter to the editor predicting all of this, is that the lower level mine hit a water supply which when corked, started filling up other abandoned mines, to eventually flood the mine the EPA was dealing with.

This is where it hits the fan, as the EPA 10 months ago, built an "earthen cork" on a seepage. They left it there for almost a year, and noticed some wet spots, and for devil only knows the reasons, the suits were out there on the big construction dirt movers, digging holes in that dam.
I repeat this point so you get this, the EPA was out digging holes in their dam, as it was reported they claimed they thought it was only 5 feet of water behind this wall.

It was at the surface level.  They were excavating horizontally back into an unconsildated dirt plug they'd placed there 10 months before, which created a reservoir of a size that they vastly underestimated, and thanks to that underestimation, they unleashed the very reservoir they had created. 

"He believed the water to be only about 5 feet high behind the dirt, and he noticed water seeping from below the dirt in the tunnel of the abandoned mine.

After his team had cleared a 10-foot-tall hole in the tunnel, Griswold walked into it to check if the roof was safe. That’s when he noticed a small stream of water coming from the top of the dirt wall."

Seriously, who brings a bulldozer to do a spot check on a reservoir of water by digging into what is holding that reservoir back in a tunnel?

This is what started the catastrophe, as all of that water was backed up and ready to gush out like Obama Gulf Gusher in oil.

I am making a point in this which must be understood by the Obama apologists and EPA. When and old geologist knows something is wrong, as this entire mining chain has been flooding, and it is threatening the watershed and testing needs to be done, then EPA knew there was a problem in a huge amount of water was filling in behind these plugs.
EPA just put a dirt plug last year, when everyone else was putting in concrete slabs.

EPA noticed leakage, and at that point dug what is admitted a 10 foot hole into the tunnel. The idiot in charge then noticed that a stream of water was pouring through the roof of the tunnel.

Again the red lights should be going off, if you do not want polluted water in the Animas, but instead of calling in an emergency operation to concrete plug this hole the EPA created, there was instead 3 million gallons of water released into the environment.

"the Environmental Protection Agency planned to clear the dirt blocking the tunnel to install a pipe to pump out the contaminated water in the mine, said Hays Griswold, on-scene coordinator for the agency.

Once the water was pumped out, the crew planned to plug the mine to prevent more polluted water from draining out of the mine. "

You will notice in this, that no one at EPA died in this operation. Because they did their deed, and ran like hell for their lives, instead of trying to stop the flood they started.

There are not any contingency plans, as EPA was using a cover of putting a drain pipe into this mine, as why they were digging a hole into it. The problem with that cover story is, why put a pipe into a hole you thought was dry, and why on earth drain polluted there was not any water treatment plant to handle this volume of sewage.

Oh but wait, there was a Superfund just waiting around that EPA had access too in it's over 8 billion dollar budget, to build such a super water treatment plant which would be under their control, and now that a castastrophe has taken place, EPA can declare basic martial law and shut down ..........all mining in the area, while going after the miners in hauling them all into court to bankrupt them.

For those shills sent out to make excuses for EPA, the reality is this was not negligence any more than those Interior terrorists cheering when Obama wilded the Missouri River flooding out GOP States. This was deliberate as if EPA was going to put a drain pipe into this tunnel, it should have been there on site, along with the concrete to plug the hole, but instead a gusher built from the pressure of the water.

This exposure of Obama regime eco terrorism ends with this quote:

"Work at the Gold King will continue under a different on-scene coordinator, because Griswold was filling in this week for the long-term coordinator who was on vacation."

That should sound familiar to those of the Border Patrol, in by magic "feds" appear who let in dope, invaders and ISIS, while they tell the Border Patrol to take the day off.

I repeat the point, there was someone sent in while the regular EPA official was on vacation. The same putz who no doubt created this dirt plug mess, and in plausible deniablity they were off on a beach with image Obama, while this other saboteur was sent in.

We really need a Donald Trump as President to appoint about 50 Judges who have no appeals but to the President to indict, convict and hang all of these agents sent out to devastate and destroy America.

For those not getting this, what happened to the Animas River, is exactly what Obama Geithner have been doing to the stock market. When the cartel decides to dig a hole in Wall Street's wall, it is all coming gushing out.

No let us post one more damning quote on the eco terrorists of the Obama regime:

On the positive side, the EPA completed retention ponds Saturday at the Gold King Mine near Silverton and is now treating polluted water flowing out of the mine.
About 550 gallons per minute of polluted water was flowing from the mine Saturday, down from the 740 gallons per minute Friday, said Shaun McGrath, administrator for the EPA's Region 8 Office in Denver.

The above proves that EPA could have handled the gusher which they created, as they had the equipment available. Instead they tore open the tunnel, without safeguards of holding ponds, in order to pollute the Animas River so they could seize control over Colorado.

Nuff said.