Monday, August 3, 2015

One more Fight in You

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those who think we are not winning battles and this is all Hillary and Jeb as my blog exposed this in 2008, do not forget God, do not forget Donald Trump, do not forget the movement to dump Hillary and do not forget that John bawl baby Boehner just had his ass handed to him last week in he tried to humiliate YOU, but did not have the votes to get elected Speaker again. This is HISTORICAL. Be hard sells like in the old west and sell out hard and make them pay with all they have in this fight.

John Boehner hoped to crush a challenge to his Speakership by Rep. Mark Meadows--but couldn't be certain of his chances.

I know it is hard my children, and there are going to be fights to come after this to crack and shatter the Spirit in you, but FIGHT bless you, FIGHT. Resist this damned satanic regime. We are getting our bites of flesh and making them bleed.
They speak now in my code words again in feudal, enslavement and decided elections. The worst in the world set up the protocols and this blog changed the dialogue and the paradigm, all through your prayers and your posting this blog and just repeating the words. Thank you for that, and thank you to the few who did donate to keep me in the fight to this point.

You are winning enough to teach them they can not just piss on you and take this without killing every one of you. Fight bless you, resist this and keep resisting. Be the Christian Soldier, have no King but Jesus and no Sovereign but God. It might be the good pleasure of the Living God to amuse Himself in making fools of them.

Keep it up, one more day, one more step, lick them tomorrow and be licked, but bust them here and if they take you out of this world, fight them where they can not touch you in Heaven before God.

If it bleeds, we can kill it as the Schwartzenegger line runs in Predator. This is bleeding and it will kill us no matter what. Let us make the price a hard sell in being too expensive in they will not have anything left to enjoy the victory with their cut off nuts.

Get up, let's humiliate these sons of bitches the way they have degraded, humiliated and pissed on us for being Americans.

Fight bless you, fight the good fight in Faith. This ain't over with yet. America may be dead, but you sure as hell are not.