Monday, August 17, 2015

Political Militia

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The American elite are in a "let them eat cake" delusion. This fascinates me, as Tavistock Stanford mind conditioning has so subdued Americans along with chemical narcosis, that the elite seemed to delude themselves into they can do anything to Donald Trump and make the American people come to heel.

The have forgotten that the Tea Party when it rallies takes seats from Teddy Kennedy in Massachusetts and the reality of, the Tea Party when in action overthrows the Obama regime.

That is what is fascinating in this, and something the Lame Cherry has noticed by direct American actions. I can attest that people are motivated, highly motivated over all of this Donald Trump political assassination, as Americans have been bitch slapped for their entire lives since Ronald Reagan.

Americans have been robbed, over charged, swindled, criminalized and murdered for decades and they took it, not because the Tavistock conditioning was working, but because Americans at heart love their nation, and attempted time and again to cut the cancer out of the disease of cartel feudalism.

The problem with the Tea Party was it was a rugged individual movement, a POLITICAL MILITIA, which could  rally and overcome vote fraud, but it did not ever have a national leader. Sarah Palin had the opportunity, but was frightened off and bought out by the cartel after Gabrielle Giffords was shot.

All of that has changed now. The fury of Americans now has an arc point and it is the political assault and assassination against Donald Trump. I have written of this in Donald Trump is building to the George Washington of the 21st century, as American have a Patriotic Ire against the same feudal abuse which King George inflicted upon those 1776 Patriots.

Donald Trump is a lightning rod, and each time the cartel, the billionaire bullies, Jeb Bush, FOX or the faux Red State frauds like Erick Erickson attempt to bury Mr. Trump, he is grounded and that generates this visceral reaction of Americans like a lightning bolt at anyone who abuses Mr. Trump.

Donald Trump has become the American persona. Americans are in Patriotic Mode associating with him as their leader. They are forming in themselves comraderie and soon enough the term President Donald Trump is going to join to their though process.

I have stated before that any American leader is not leading Americans. Americans are just going in a direction and the person who espouses those thoughts, becomes the leader of that surge. Donald Trump is genuine in his Presidential run, and through him, Americans are now able to strike back........not because of Donald Trump, but because Americans will take abuse, but when others are abused as they are, they will go to mat time and time again.

There is a revolution building in America which is real. Donald Trump calls it a movement bigger than he is. Mr. Trump is correct. I have stated that the cartel believes if it has to, it will murder Donald Trump, and be able to deal with you as it has in countless previous times. They are spiking you in the attempt to generate something for a crack down, but I believe there are hints of this which point to something that this is too widespread what Donald Trump is arcing in American fervor. The police state, may not back this crack down and more to the point the infrastructure of drones is not honed enough for a few to control this mob of hundreds of millions.
This will be too expensive for the billionaire bullies, meaning while they eat their cake, the hangman's rope will make it their last meal.

While the right and the left is being betrayed by their handlers, Donald Trump is surging ahead in broad support from both fields. What has formed already is the Political Militia. It now has a symbol in Donald Trump fighting for America, and they will fight for Mr. Trump as he symbolizes America and the abuse Americans have suffered through to their impoverishment and murder.

No one has spoken of this, and the only reason I know of this is from Facebook. The few posts on these subjects are generating responses in things like the honest photo of doper Noelle Bush and business woman Ivanka Trump in comparison are going virile across the internet.

We are witnessing the start of a revolution. Donald Trump will keep it honest and lawful. Without Mr. Trump this T party will begin finding militant ways of retaliating in the period ahead.

The Continentalist Lame Cherry, welcomes the Compatriots of the American Political Militia to the fires here. I know you exist, but the elite still think you are in a slumbering lion and they do not fear your fang nor claw.

We shall see.