Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Skinhead Jeb and the Press Quislings

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There was a Bush troll from the Jebcave on Facebook who was discounting the Stalker Jorge Bush article in being a typical ass in making sexcuses in the ludicrous claim that this would not make news if it was not a Bush.

Ah half naked maniacs who break into rich Jewish homes in Miami, and then return to terrorize them by ripping up their lawn with a car, is a reality that does tend to make the news, the international press.......unless of course one has the Bush babies censoring the stories.........sort of like Erick Erickson at Red State Georgia, censored Donald Trump and that black man, Dr. Ben Carson for a real anti white American male and American black male racism.

I digress, as this is important for you to wrap your head around like ammo and gun manufacturers just love the image Obama as Obama ordered billions of rounds of ammo, and allowed manufacturers to spike prices just like in oil and sugar in political pay offs.
Yes in this world, the people you would think are adversaries, are really allied against YOU.

When writing about Jeb Ellis Bush jr., AKA Skinhead Bush, the drunken maniac and cop brawler in Texas, endangering to manslaughter those around him, I left out this bit of information.

Do not feel slighted as most of you did not ever hear about this story.

See a few days before the George W. Bush and Al Gore Presidential election battle, there was an event which would have cost George W. Bush the state of Florida. There mind you a Jebtard will not consider this story important and I will probably have lost the intellectual ass in the first few lines, but she would still be bitchy in commenting on the entire story as if she read it.............but there was a 16 year old boy in a Walmart parking lot at 10 pm in the evening, in a Jeep, naked from the waist down, and 17 year old girl in the same Jeep, naked from the waist up.

Walmart security in two uniform wearers happened upon the scene which was quite sodomite, for those not understanding that sodomy, the young girl was sucking the dick of the young boy in public, so they understandably not wanting Walmart shoppers to receive that kind of attention, summoned police.

Within a few moments police arrived and apprended the two naked minors. In a few more moments the police ascertained that the 16 year old boy engaged in sodomy was named Bush, like Governor Jeb Bush and like Presidential candidate George W. Bush.

Yes this was none other than Jeb Ellis Bush jr., corrupting a young minor in public. Now comes the interesting part.

Jeb Bush jr. in this sexcapade, which would have swung Florida over to Al Gore, only had this reported in one British newspaper.

You do remember that Miami Dade was so corrupt for Al Gore that Al almost flipped Florida to him right? Yet in Governor Jeb Bush's state with all that Democratic opposition, not one paper printed the story.......same papers which were only too ready to publish the drunken George W. Bush stories a short time before.

Yes you can say, that is Florida and Jeb Bush would have murdered the publishers, but how does that explain in the Boston Globe, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and New York Times, all in the bag for Al Gore, not mentioning one word of this before the election, which would have made Christians and moralists cringe to voting Bush, and in suppressing that vote, Al Gore would have been the blovenator in the White House?

All of these papers globally, from the Jewish press, Muslim press, Asian press, none of them picked up on this story and ran with it, when the majority of them were in the tank for Bill Clinton and hated George W. Bush.

Now return to the scene of the crime as it was featured here not long ago. You do recall how it seems the New York Times has all of these exclusives in what Jeb Bush is going to do, and is busy carrying water for him, as it gets pissy and slams Donald Trump non stop........then there is FOX which is pro Obama with Rupert Murdoch, setting up Donald Trump for a Jeb Bush win.

That is confusing is it not, in why was it that the Mockingbird press which seemed to be in the tank for Al Gore in 2000 AD in the year of our Lord, just happened at the most critical of moments to secure Gore the victory........let George W. Bush slide in just like those teenage girl lips were sliding over Jeb Bush jr's little dick.

This reality is still puzzling the hell out of the democratic underground. They had it won, and just like Peggy Noonan turning on Republicans in 2008 to install Obama, their entire liberal media network turned on Al Gore and installed George W. Bush.

See you never know who is really in bed with who now do you? A sodomy story about George W. Bush's nephew would have been top news and it never appeared in the news. See how the fixes are in, how elections are stolen and how voters are manipulated beyond e vote fraud?

The moral of this story is simple really. You have the absolutely degenerate family of criminals of Jeb Bush. You now have evidence of the FOX debacle to politically assassinate Donald Trump, and now you know that the New York Times, the most commie paper in America, covered up the dick sucking of Jeb Bush jr., and has been busy knocking off the competitors from Marco Rubio to trying to knock of Donald Trump, all for a Jeb Bush win.

Do you really want the candidate the enemy press of America is promoting and protecting for years in Jeb Bush in the White House after hearing the entire story? The answer is NO you do not, no more than you want a man running this country who has oversexed perverts for sons and a dope head daughter medicating because she does not get enough daddy time.

The cartel press backed George W. Bush over Al Gore, in covering up a sex pervert story in 2000 AD in the year of our Lord.....and now the same press is trying to politically assassinate Donald Trump which will genocide you.

I realize that a Jebtard would not be able to piece this together as their intellectual excuses will negate the sex deviant Bush family, so the real story is revealed, in how is it with all the liberal press from Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, the Times and News of every state, that what Jeb Bush really is, and is family has been covered up for decades.

The answer is like John Boehner, Orin Hatch, Mitch McConnell, Carly Fiorina, and Jeb Bush, that he is the cartel candidate who will give you Obama's 3rd term as is intended, as it is intended for Hillary Clinton to give you Obama's 3rd term.

nuff said