Monday, August 3, 2015

Trump Men


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

I am about to come to the conclusion of the Lame Cherry officially backing Donald Trump for President. My reasons are a path which have nothing to do with what Donald Trump has said, or vanquished in attacks, but has to do with his greatest statements of what kind of man he is, and that is Donald Trump's children.

Donald Trump jr, and Eric Trump ventured to Africa on safari and hunted the Big Five without apologies. Any men who have the blood of George Washington and Theodore Roosevelt in their veins is the best statement on who Donald Trump is. Donald Trump did not raise any bawl baby Boehners or wimpy Kimmels.

My second balance in this, is Donald Trumps eldest daughter, who was approached to pose in Playboy and turned down the exposure. That tells me a great deal  that she was not looking for male attention, because her father, Donald Trump was there for her and produced a very strong female, who was both beautiful, grounded and intelligent.

In that, those are Donald Trump's references which I am interested in. His children are loyal, independent, grounded and pure Americans. That is why in observing Ivanka and her half sister Tiffany interactions along with their being American women of the best type, this speaks of what kind of person Donald Trump really is.

I am very close to endorsing Donald Trump, because his best reference is his children, by different wives, all getting along, all successful and his ex wives are not filled with scorn. That speaks volumes more than Donald Trump's political evolution from being a democrat like Ronald Reagan to being the first real political progenitor of the Reagan Revolution.

There is not a bad child in the Trump children, who were raised in that spotlight of pressure and temptation. It says everything about the father and husband he is.