Sunday, September 27, 2015

Access to the Pubic Bush Heirs


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is the reality now that Jeb Bush trashing the Republican base for sodomites and Mexican voters, as he trashed his older brother George on Iraq, has found that he is the little Bush who couldn't as in another flip flop, Jeb Bush has had to resort to having his big brother George strong arm people to fund raise for the floundering Jebus campaign.

Jeb Bush has now approached criminal impropriety, in nepotism which is illegal in the United StatesGovernment, under any regime, for he has literally sold access to Presidential power for the sum of 50,000 dollars in the worst disgrace, since the Clinton's were auctioning off the Lincoln bedroom to donors.

Bush donors who raise $50,000 this quarter have been
invited to a Houston gathering next month that will feature Mr. Bush
and both former Presidents Bush.

This is beneath what former Presidents ever do. They do not get involved in politics nor political campaigns. Jimmy Carter who disgraced the roll of former Presidents, had not even stooped to this in selling access to himself for any candidate running for office.

As Donald Trump has correctly stated, those donors all expect something and all own the candidate taking that money. It begs the reality now of the question in just what kind of access do you get around the world in this 50,000 bribe in opening doors to Saudi Arabia, Israel and God only knows where else, this kind of illegal quid pro quo descends to.

One can understand how a dad and a brother, are moved by family values to attempt to rescue a politically retarded son and brother like Jeb Bush, in not having his imbecile campaign tarnish Bush41's and Bush43's legacy. There are limits though on improprieties even in this criminal age of Obama and in nepotistic selling of access to the Presidents of America.
Bill Carter could not do this when Libya gave him money for influence on Jimmy, so it is just as illegal for Jeb Bush to be selling access to his dad and brother.

The Lame Cherry calls for a criminal investigation of Jeb Bush, in what he knew, when he knew it, by the FBI, as this is a serious breach into unknown criminal waters.

Jeb Bush has already sold out to Fagstreet for sodom rights and Mexican slave labor, and is now selling his dad and brother in human traffick. It is time this is put an absolute stop to all of this and for the FBI to become involved to protect the dignity of the office of Former Presidents as set by George Washington.