Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ashes to Ashes Sodomites to Dust

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God never forgets.

God has everything written down.

This is the Judgment awaiting the rainbow sodomites who cheered when their sodomizer in chief lit up the White House in a rainbow for an abomination to God.

I state this long after the initial sacrilege and blasphemy, as all have forgotten and moved on. God though never forgets and this rebellion against Him will be repaid in this world and in eternal condemnation.
For those who think of forgiveness, this is not about condoning sin. This is about a Righteous God Who always settles accounts. There is no forgiveness for unrepentent blasphemers who call Obama messiah, put halos on his head and write laws that make abominations legal in America, but are absolutely illegal always in Heaven.

The Rainbow was first set before mankind after God destroyed the entire world, and most of the populations by a global flood. God set "His Bow" in the sky as a Promise that He would never destroy the earth again by flood. God is clever though in He never said anything about fire and brimstone as He rained down on Sodom and the cities of the plain for homosexuality and subverting the courts.

The Rainbow is sacred. This is God's symbol. God does not give His Glory to any one else, and He certainly does not allow others to steal it.

In Ezekiel chapter 1,  there is a recording where the Prophet sees God and the Holy Angels. In verse 28, the Tyndale Translation, it records, "All around Him was a glowing halo, like a rainbow shining through the clouds."

All of you sodomites and sodomite enablers are going to receive God's Justice for your condemning yourselves, as your Obama is in hell already. You chose to reject God's Way, God's Truth and God's Life, for shit scented sex covering all of your degenerate misbehavior.

I am not going to make this a long witness, as it does not require it. You deviants are in the process of Judgment, as is this sinful American nation which nationalized these abominable sins, and you are sealed for Judgment as you will not change, being handed over to your depravity as St. Paul teaches by the Holy Ghost in Romans chapter 1.

I am moved to place this here to remind the Faithful, that God does not forget. God does not pass by sin ever. The sodomites will certainly one day along with their rainbow enablers be ashes under your feet as you walk this world.

For Obama, rainbow White House was 'a moment worth savoring ...

For Obama. seeing the White House illuminated in rainbow colors Friday night "was a moment worth savoring." Speaking at a joint news conference Tuesday with Brazilian ...
No it was not, it was disgusting filth and desecration of the White House. Whatsoever you sow, that will you reap.

Nuff said