Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ben Carson AKA el Negro

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Greta on FOX interviewed Ben Carson AKA el Negro for the Jebcaver attacking Donald Trump. What I desire to explain is Dr. Carson stated that he had a friend in South Dakota who had an 8000 acre farm and could not find one American to work on it for 11 dollars per hour.

OK, let us examine this in the "8000 acre farm". Ben Carson is an ignorant when it comes to agriculture as South Dakota has both farms and ranches. Ranches are in the thousands of acres in some are township size in being 36 sections as in 10,000 acres and numbers of farms which are in the few thousand acres at maximum.

What I desire to inform you as Ben Carson attacks Americans, and this most caring Big Farm agrarian offering a great 11 dollar an hour salary, is this is what Big Farm expects of you for 11 dollars an hour.

First of all, no Big Farm hires Mexicans to "farm". That involves quarter of a million dollar tractors and no one is going to allow a beaner around heavy equipment like that. That kind of acreage means warehouse farming of either pigs or dairy cows.

The bet is, this is  an 8000 acre dairy cow operation, which I have exposed here for the heinous and murderous abuse of animals which Big Farm is. That is what Ben Carson is friends with and quoting. This is not a farm, this is a CORPORATION.

OK, so what is a dairy job like? These cows are milked two to three times a day. Most operations are going at 4 AM, because the cows are on a 12 hour schedule to milk. Meaning you either milk them at 4 AM or you start milking them at 6 PM and are at it until 10 PM at night.

So we are talking about your getting up at 3 AM in most likely no shift work, but doing four hours of milking and being expected to show up in the afternoon and work until 10 PM for our "eight hour day".
Of course, these corporations are like those coal mining towns in offering "housing" to imprison people on the facilities........nice things like ratty old trailers for farm houses, which are part of your "benefits" packages.

Odd thing about this though is these corporate farms seem to find ways to expand your milking besides being in an environment which has fly spray squirting at you every 10 minutes, and you are covered with shit and milk, you are being intimidated to "well you can help drive that truck"......"well you know that sick cow that looks like it has madcow, you just put that bollus into it"...........

The bonus package is often a side of beef......dead old abused dairy cows which can not make it to the butcher, but you can eat that diseased meat.

Holidays and vacations? Ah sorry, cows need milking 365 days a  year, 24 hours a day......and damn funny thing is, the boss and his shitty children are always driving around in caddies and off on some vacation, leaving you to fill in.

As a white person, you get to work with a pack of knife wielding Mexicans, prodding and kicking the cows.......the reason no white person sets foot on those operations, as they know what being exposed to pesticides, animal diseases, getting wrapped up in a manure conveyor, wrapped around a PTO or run over by a tractor or kicked by a cow is just not that attractive........sort of why Chinese little girls do not like being worked to being cripped in sewing factories.

So you get this, why do you think only Basque's came to America to herd sheep on ranches? No White people would do that either as all you got was old mutton to eat, beans, a wagon to sleep in with bugs and smell like sheep, and never seeing anyone all summer for the isolation....these same poverty wages.

11 dollars an hour........40 hours a week........440 dollar.......1760 dollars a month....19,360 dollars year. Wow, Ben Carson expects Americans to do dangerous work for 9000 dollars LESS THAN THE POVERTY LEVEL.
Get that, understand it..........that is Ben Carson's idea of worker's paradise..........SLAVE WAGES, where you still owe 3000 dollars in Obama income taxes, still owe a thousand bucks for you get to suck pesticide and maimed by cows for 16,000 a year..........while working Jeb Bush's 80 hours a week and being paid for 40.

Does being sprayed with Raid non stop, busted up by cows, stinking like cow shit, no retirement plans, no health benefits, no vacation, no time off........sound like a great job to you........or does it sound like something only outlaw Mexicans would be interested in, as OSHA should have fined and shut down these big farmers long ago.

Look I can go through this in pigs, turkeys or grain. It is the either are suffering from some brown lung disease, being ordered to do things you never signed on for, and the day you get busted up........that farmer just shoves your ass off the place with massive medical bills.

So this is one more reality in Ben Carson is a complete moron on this issue of working Americans in agriculture. That reality is, his not comprehending one aspect of this, reveals just how much he is an ignorant on everything he is bring praised for............for those who have not noticed, Ben Carson has not stated one detailed policy......all he does is slap religion and long quotes on everything and the other ignorants cheer it.

Ben Carson is Obama without the teleprompter and knows half as shit much.

There once was a time in America when Americans emancipated slaves under Lincoln, established workers rights under Roosevelt, and made American workers prosperous under Reagan.
Ben Carson's idea of America is attacking American workers who are horrified over the Obama slave labor policies working them to death, endangering them and impoverishing them, as Dr. Carson praises Mexicans.

- Lame Cherry

Nuff said.