Thursday, September 10, 2015

Carly Fiorina is Globally Ugly


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Well now we know that it is not just the New York Times, but Rolling Stone which is in the bag for Jeb Bush smear operations, and the worst they could come up with is Donald Trump telling the Truth again that Carly Fiorina is ugly as Michelle Obama.

The spark was an interview published Wednesday by Rolling Stone, in which Trump said Fiorina's face would make her unelectable. The magazine quoted Trump as saying of the former technology executive: "Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?"

I mean jeez louise, this is no secret. The woman looks like she is still dying from cancer with her jaundice colored skin which is chemo glazed over like she is taking WWE steroids.
Damn this Fiorina is like..........well the ally hooker who pays johns to give blowjobs as she needs a quick protein fix.

Donald Trump has done the deluded Fiorina a favor. This is the woman who said she was fired from ruining a company because she was too good looking...........Like Holy Shit, do you want someone this flaky to have her hands on nuclear weapons?

It only got worse in this attempted Jebcaver set up Mr. Trump, as Bobby know the guy who looks like he never had a bath since his Gramps crawled out of the Ganges 300 years ago, came up with some Indian tough talk about Trump being  a madman and his hair looks like a squirrel.
Wow that is a real 3rd world tough talk there Bobby......maybe you can say something about Donald sweating next time as that is what Americans do who work.

Then there was this cheesehead weak as water "look at me" comment by Scott Walker, which was only upped by the even weaker vanishing point of Jebpanzee Bush who mumbled something not in Spanish.


Why is it when the Jebcavers conspire to throw the first stone.........and oh they did this week, in going against Jesus the Christ in being Pharisees in saying that Donald Trump is not someone who has Faith.

The chorus of anti-Trump Republicans now includes Bush, Jindal, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, former New York Gov. George Pataki and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who is running second to Trump in several early polls and challenged Trump's Christian faith this week.

There are some good "christians" for you. You got Judas Ted Cruz, and there is old Caiphas the high priest Ben Carson spreading lies to get Donald crucified for being popular with the people.

Look, Carly Fiorina is ugly. Ugly inside in snatching it up for Megyn Kelly, and being a cunt for all the things Obama is for from Muslims to sending jobs overseas.

Donald Trump knows Americans. They always vote pretty. Kennedy was prettier than Nixon, Carter was prettier than Ford, Reagan was prettier than Carter, Clinton was prettier than Bush, Obama was prettier than geezer the Nig could steal two elections as Americans like pretty. Pretty gives you 15% at the polls.
Donald Trump is pretty and it drives ugly candidates deranged.......same way nuts hated Sarah Palin for being pretty.

Donald Trump knows pretty. All his wives were pretty......and his last one is the definition of pretty.


Carly Fiorina is the definition of ugly. She looks morose for being so ugly. She looks angry for being ugly. She looks upset for the lies she tells herself in being hot always come out............"there is that babe married to Donald Trump.........and we get you confused with Michelle Obama."

I mean Carly Fiorina is so ugly that I just want to focus on Melania Trump, as without Playboy airbrushing, she looks centerfold. Who wants to talk about ugly Carly when you got the pretty people to look at like Donald and Melania.

All the ugly people hate Donald Trump. Jeb with that midget Mexican and Ben Carson who wants to fuck Grace Jones.........I mean what kind of human wants their dick in something that came out of Mad Max?

Even that Rolling Stone hatchet pen for Jeb........just look at this freak show of ugly he is and was spawned out of?

Looks like a fucking Albanian circus act that impregnated the organ grinder monkeys  and adopted them.

So at the end of the day, Donald Trump exposed another intelligence asset at Rolling Stone, was brutalized again by the Jebcavers sounding like the vanishing candidates they are, and we are all aware once again that Donald Trump is handsome, his wife is gorgeous, his children are pretty............and Americans like all of that, as they have had too damn much Obama ugly in being tortured by all of that.

It is another Trump victory and perfectly set up again by Donald Trump............they never found one thing in all of that gotcha time to prove he was not the Donald Trump he told all of us he is.

Donald Trump is not a narcissist and not an ego maniac. Who Donald Trump is, is a self assured American who does not tolerate shit for brains idiots. These shit for brains whiners are the ones ragging on Mr. Trump as that is how their ugly has attached itself to society terrorizing all of us, instead of joining a freak show and being kept behind a tent.

Fiorina looks like the hermaphrodite or something........fits right into the Obama Rainbow House, but in Donald Trump's American White House, the freak show is at the circus not at 1600 Penn.

"I think I'm the number one beneficiary of the Donald's insults, but look, he is who he is," Bush said
No Jebus, people are going to be made aware this is another one of your Megyn Kelly schemes, and even without that, no one is going to vote for your ugly ass either!

Nuff said.