Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Facebook Terrorist Mark Zuckerberg


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I will repeat this reality of Facebook terrorism.

The Lame Cherry was phished for a phone number, which it would not provide as this is a privacy issue.

The Lame Cherry was then blocked from Facebook in Zuckerberg terrorism and intimidation to which Lame Cherry furnished a legal birth certificate. Facebook claimed that they could not identify this Birth Certificate, but had no problem accepting Birther Obama's forged birth abstract which is a proven forgery.

In response to this, the Lame Cherry was then demanded of "another form of identification". To this the Lame Cherry provided a legal identification with birth date, name and nation of issue.

To this, Facebook terrorists issued this new demand:

Re: Help Us Confirm Your Name


We received your ID but couldn't use it to verify your identity.

Please reply to this email and include a copy of a different form ID as an attachment. Be sure to cover up any personal information that we don't need to verify your identity (ex: social security number, address, license number).
To learn more about the types of ID we accept, please visit the help center:

Please keep in mind that before we can help you, we must receive an acceptable form of ID. We appreciate your patience.

View updates from your Support Inbox:

Community Operations

-----Original Message----
From: lamecherry
Subject: Help Us Confirm Your Name

First name: Lame
Last name: Cherry
Login email address or mobile phone number: lamecherry

-----End Original Message-----

 Let us review this for GILBERT. The Lame Cherry has been harassed for her phone number, tormented for her birth certificate and terrorized for her national identity, all according to Facebook mandates, and none of them have been accepted as they accepted Birther Obama's documents or accept their millions of Mexican invaders non documents to mow their lawns and clean their toilets.

Facebook "thinks" this is a harassment operation to intimidate the Lame Cherry and violate my privacy rights, my Constitutional rights and inflict upon me invasions which if this was demanded outside of Facebook, THEY WOULD BE INDICTED for stalking and terrorism.

The Lame Cherry has now exposed all of this. This group of geektards terrorizes people on the right in Christians, Patriots, Veterans etc... This time it has been the blogger who has the most powerful and influential blog in the world.

Keep at it Facebook as after Mark Zuckerberg throws little Gilbert to the Grand Jury to save his Nazi ass, the Robes Pierre courts are coming for Nazi Zuckerberg.

Game change.

Additional note* This is Gilbert's "email" address I was supposed to email to: info+py8utay.aeatl6o3gngxs 

Yes that really is legitimate is it not eh