Thursday, September 10, 2015

Facebook's Suckerberg Zuckerberg


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The fraud which is Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg is one which the Obama press, controlled by the Mockingbird intelligence propaganda, has never allowed for an expose' of what this e screen fraud company is, in being propped up by Homeland cash infusions to spy on people globally in opening personal computers and phones wide open in illegal espionage, invading people's privacy.
Literally, Facebook after Microsoft Windows, is the biggest data mining  operation against the global community there is.

There are layers in Facebook, and from a Stock Market reality, Facebook is the monkeys in the zoo running the billion dollar zoo.

There was an exceptional article in the British press in the Telegraph which revealed what a disaster Facebook is, and the same Zuckerberg who cheated his friends out of their intellectual property to not only steal Facebook from them, but then cheat them out of reparations is standard criminal operating procedure for the felon which Mark Zuckerberg.
To prove this, former  employees testify that Mark Zuckerberg CEO, and COO Sheryl Sandburg, waste most of the day, not managing the corporation, but intellectually plagiarizing other creators and websites. The example being Poke, which resembles Snapchat.

If Zuckerberg was not a stooge of the NSA, he would be indicted for this, as he is literally pirating intellectual content from others.

The employees of Mark Zuckerberg were stunned when, instead of being professional and being engaged in computer related tasks, one employee was ordered to sort out  the director's dirty laundry.

There is absolutely no direction nor coordination at Facebook. This quote explains what takes place there daily in this monster corporation which was so pumped full of Obama cash in this Stock Market fraud looted from the US Treasury, meaning the US taxpayer;

"Instructions were not clear, everything was a guessing game, and I was immediately set up to fail. And when I didn't perform, I was told I lacked intuition as a professional."

Facebook is so literally f*cked up, that no one knows at the top what is going on, as they are off spying on other companies, and their subordinates are so unaware, that they expect new employees to fix all of their f*ck ups.

There is absolutely no privacy for any of the employees at Facebook. It is run like a frat house. There is not professionalism, as everything is sorting the bosses dirty underwear as you are later fired for not solving his programming problem.

Does all of this start to sound familiar in the little fag nazis preying on Facebook users in illegally spying on them, criminally stalking them and violations of international law censoring people?

I wrote of Facebook phishing for my phone number, then when provided a birth certificate, that was not enough, then they wanted an official identification, and that was not enough, so they went off sight in a GILBERT who wanted me to email him further proof, in birth certificates and identity cards are not enough. That is what criminal harassment and stalking is. The reason this pervert is after a personal email, is for the ISP to track to a personal address.

Keith Adams who is an engineer went on record with his testimony against Facebook, that he was supposed to work 24 hours a day, not leave town on the weekends, was always on call,  working 12 to 24 hours, and being made aware of his performance.
They call that slavery, and that is against the law in workers rights.

Zuckerberg had his Facebook profile hacked in 2013, for the simple reason he is such a prick, that he has antagonized some of the most gifted minds in computing, and has made billions off of their work.


Zuckerberg is a misogynist. It is a bizarre world where Mark Zuckerberg pays his vagina who is the most unprofessional of all in Sheryl Sandberg, the highest salary of all, but she is so into bothering the employees that they can not work with her extra curricular antics.
It is not a psychological stretch that this pervert Mark Zuckerberg has some weird Bruce Jenner and Chaz Bono thing going on in his in the closet manifestations. By what these two vaginas are bra snapping at Facebook, with the psychosis of Zuckerberg incapable of being with a western female Jewish or Caucasian, but resorted to the subservient Asian as he is such a weak male.  Do not be surprised if the frozen in time juvenile Zuckberberg who likes posing with women's panties as was featured exclusively here,  of the day that Mary Suckerberg appears as the ittle lesbian who could.

This is the actual reality of Facebook. This is a fraud corporation which is just funneled money in the billions, and it is led by a freak who is mentally 8 years old, intellectually 14 years old and physically he is paying a salary to his vagina, as he parades around his Asian affirmation little Mark is really a boy who likes those ishy girls.

Do you really, and I mean really, want someone who is this unbalanced having your personal information or for that matter your stock investments?

If you need to be told that answer, then you are probably that group which exists in fear of this pansy freak named Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg is the worst security problem of the NSA. The day that Homeland concludes this asset of their's knows too much, is too unreliable, there will be an Archer Team dispatched to neutralize this problem like all the other Diaspora Dead.

That is a day I would say good riddance to a deserving internet terrorist being sent to hell as the sociopath that Mark Zuckerberg is, is proven by the above. The sooner NSA wakes up to their problem. The better.

Oh as a final note to the intelligence services. If your Zuckerberg and his fag terrorists had not decided to target the Lame Cherry, all of this information would not be exposing all of your surveillance to the public. Mark Zuckerberg is your fag problem.