Saturday, September 19, 2015

friends in hard times

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The world seems a guilty place for those with hearts in Christ, and those who are soulless have sleep of a half gallon of Jack Daniels.

I do not want people feeling guilty for not donating more. I want people to provide for themselves whether it is mortgages, bathtubs or doing things for them.  YOU must take care of yourselves first and last. Your friendship is what is the treasure in your letters.

Part of my family came from Nova Scotia on my Mom's side. There are allot of us who have kindred on both sides of the border, not just William Shatner. Mine was an odd lot who seemed to found America on one hand and be loyalists on the others and scooted north.......only to have my Great Grandfather find out he not only married Gram Sarah, but a host of her siblings to provide for. Prairie in America seemed like the escape from marrying into half of Canada.

We have been thinking about writing about our family experiences in how we have been isolated. TL arrived here with fears as the brier patch is not the metro, and TL's mum was hell on wheels about me. To put a story on this, that woman was about rolling around on the street bawling and carrying on, about what a mistake I was. All TL could think was, "God just get me through this as I do not want a scene".

mum decided that was victory as this bunch has a daughter who spies on us and reports back, and the parents act cordial as they plot stuff to drive people away from TL. TL's purpose is a clapping ornament they can show off in how wonderful they are, as everyone else flees the building after being around them.

The "victory" brought on like an hour's long yell on the phone a few weeks later at TL, in one of the oddest condemnations ever. It sort of went from, TL was a bad person for not being over at their house to be a servant, and I was a bad person for not browbeating her to force her over there...........then there was the charge that we were sex maniacs, when we have remained according to God's Law celibate as we want this right........and not being believed by  the mum who said that if we really desired each other we would be about raping each other. So we were not in love for obeying God and called liars, because we were not perverts.
I concluded that the parents were getting it on before marriage, and it was all lust and money, and when the lust ran out, the hate cup ran over.

A really nice survivor wrote today too. I am not going into the details of his life he has shared, but he understood about Holly, and betrayal. For me, I can relate having met someone years ago, who betrayed me, stole from me, basically told me to commit suicide one night, and I honestly believe had a pact with satan to hand my soul over to that darkness, and I think they tried to poison me with Christmas cookies.
It was festive eh? I am smiling as I write that.

I think a great deal about all of the harm all of us have been through. I know God is  so pleased though with the goodness in each of you in how you care and share things from links about phones to kind notes of comfort. I will never get over what happened to Holly and that is why satan did it. I remember though being very sick in bed after that horrid person did what they did to me. I remember making a decision that I was not going to let the evil in this world change the good in me. By Grace I have been carried by Christ through all of this.

I know some satanic spiritual bastard reading this will catalogue this to try and use against me, but the popular girl you see before you, is not the person of Light you see now. I have been over the edge, in the abyss, and I know things that I know, because I have been there and somehow in Christ I hung on, and Christ carried me back out. I do not say the following to frighten the good people, but if you think of all the most sinister movies, thoughts and things you have heard is child's play to what the capabilities and talents are under check inside of me. It is simply more logical to use the devastating weapon of Spiritual strikes where the ilk is not defended than to employ first dimension actions which cause legal problems. The courts can not haul God before a jury.

Holly was a devious plot, as TL has been putting kittens back together to help with the trauma of all TL has been put through. You may remember Vashti, TL's puppy.
Vashti was living at the parents. She was a delightful dog. Liked to grab my arm and hold it as she laid down and had me rub her stomach.
The drama was this. It was mum's birthday, and she did not want me around in the metro so I was in the brier patch........that was her "prayer". TL was home after a hard day, looking for rest and was ready for our phone call. Sister was jealous that the mum liked Vashti a great deal and TL had that connection. pop did not like having to feed the dog so that was his will.
satan got involved in all of those wills, and a fox appeared in our predator raising tax funded game departments, which Vashti was chasing off, got into the street, and was killed instantly.

It was all great fun in dealing with that from 500 miles away with TL distraught, the old man pronouncing things happen.....mums apologizing..........and Sister being a doctor attempting again to manage the situation so she could be the golden child.

That is one reason Holly was murdered, to drive a memory wedge between us, and all of those evil people from the internet had their wills involved, charging this event too.

There are allot of hurtful stories I could share, but everyone has them. TL and I though are together, and though some attempt to impersonate us, our together is the way God makes marriages work in Him. Most people are so sexed out in thinking that is love or so non Spiritual, that they have to have the crowds, the cars, the drugs or the noise to keep them from being around each other.

I heard an old cowboy once say, "It is better to have something you want than to have something you don't want". God time is not being distracted by some tool of satan spouse. TL and I had to wait a long time to meet, and we both went through hell and made the kind of sinful mistakes to survive in biding time.
I had forgotten I had inquired of God years ago about where my spouse was, and God said the location. I thought, "OK, I never been there.......have a few relative I have seen a few times....and I am never going there".

Then in what was something by God's design, TL and I came into contact over this blog. It was September a few years ago, and I hope this comes out correctly, but when I read TL's first letter, I had the impression TL looked like that couple from Throw Mama from the Train. It was not the case, but we were in love by the Spirits we are, and not the physical as I had no idea what TL looked like nor TL me for some time.
I do know for certain we both would have been dead by now, if this had not been accomplished for God's utilization.

The more I experience things now, the more I realize that God is peeling away the world from me in all the things I thought that mattered like what was stolen from me to things I thought I wanted, has me more focused on Jesus coming back so all of this can be put behind and remembered no more.

The Good are in this together. I sincerely want those who should be taking care of things they need, to not be feeling guilty about donating. Nothing I can ever write is going to shame those tools of satan to donate anything and that god is the one which sentences them to hell. I am though in Bible study in Luke, going to start speaking again, "May the Lord move money from the rich to me" as moving e currency is certainly 180,000 feet per second faster than trees tossed into the sea.

All things work together for them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

God bless each of you True Christians. God heal all the hurts inside and out. God hold you in His Care, as the Holy Ghost guides you and Holy Angels minister to your every need, for the Glory of our Father in Heaven, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.

Lord, I think I need a week long day.

- Lame Cherry
TL is having adventures with cookies. I like the kind where I am eating them.

**Hello Stephanie, I am not sure if you saw the song I posted on FB so am posting here.  There's something about the French language that is absolutely breathtaking, and I made LC listen to this one over and over while trying to learn the pronounciation.  Thank you so much for your and Richard's many kindnesses to LC and to me.  I admire you for taking the steps you did in Faith of such a huge transition and what the two of you face on a daily basis.  God's Blessings be with you always in Jesus' Name Amen.  -TL

Qualifier:  I am posting this instead of LC, so LC has not broken their word of never using Gaytube again.  :)