Saturday, September 5, 2015

Karen Gems


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to repost part of a letter from this morning from Karen. Her letter is one of the reasons I am looking forward to the meltdown when all of you wealthy self serving squat assassins are going to be rotting in your yards.
Karen is goodness like the few people I have thanked and mentioned are. Most never say a word to me, but some do message and this is what they say:

Good Morning,
I am reading your blog this am, and I am so sorry your mother suffered a
gash like she did. I don't know if you know this trick for cuts/gashes.
(probably do, and I don't want to insult you).

Superglue. Clean the area with soap and water if possible and not
peroxide as peroxide eats the flesh and causes bigger scars.  A clean
picnic ketchup squirter that has never held ketchup will work well to
get into those hard to reach places.  Then, using gloves, press the
flesh gently together and administer a line or two of glue. Keep working
until the entire wound is glued and open to air until it hardens. It
will fall off in about 3 days when the wound has healed. I will pray for
your mom.

I feel horrible writing and not sending money. I haven't been paid for
over 2 months, over a back injury the company didn't want to pay for. 
So please forgive me for the lack of donation. It wasn't because I went
on a trip (can't sit for more than an hour) or built a pool (can't swim
and it would destroy my "garden") or bought a SUV with spinning wheels
(because i hate SUVs, can't see around them and spinning wheels are
retarded).  I promise to send a few bucks your way next payday. Yes, I
went back to work against MD orders because my company sucks

Karen, like those of you who know who you are, has Christian kindness in her, and then is carrying the burden for rich people, and those who feign they are not rich as she has been hurt and is still working.  That makes me fell bad that she donates, as it is always people like her, who give that are suffering from some illness or injury, and know what life is. They live Christian Mercy.

I apologize to her if I should not have posted part of her letter, but I wanted those creatures who I rail with righteous hatred against to know what kind of testimony is coming in their Judgment before Christ before they are sentenced to hell.

I appreciate being reminded of super glu on wounds and being informed about peroxide. I appreciate someone caring enough to say something. I even appreciate people contacting me about things they are wondering about or need a prayer for, as we are all in this together.

What I do no appreciate are those Zuckerberg billionaire assholes or those lurking trolls trying to stop the Words from God being published here or shared in other venues. It makes no difference to me if it makes things harder, as that is what life is. What makes a difference is when your malevolent actions distract me and then some damned demon gets poking around here and tears a chunk out of my Mom. Mom is a little bit of a thing and as you can read from the description is not prone to accepting help from anyone, so she gets her leg looking like a tiger tired to tear it off, and she just puts a bandage on it and doesn't say anything until I start scowling at her about she needs to tell me things.
You are going to answer for that you followers of satan.

I do not want the people like Karen to ever think I am talking about them in my ire. If I am ignoring you, you are being impolite and if I respond scolding you, you used up all of your good will and hell comes next.

I do not name people on this blog in who are good, because I believe that the right hand should not know what the left hand is doing. God will reward these people for kindness and God sees all. It is a private thing and that is why I do not post a great deal of things like this.
I was moved in this instance, because I felt bad about her apologizing and about her donation. That makes me more furious at the evil people and is probably a good thing so God gets loose with the fire and brimstone.

God bless each of you good children and God bless each of you brats to feel and experience perpetually all that you are and have done, in Jesus Name Amen Amen.