Thursday, September 17, 2015

the gentleman

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was pondering the 21st century American Revolution which is coming. Whether it will be Mexicans, Russians and Chinese bayonetting, raping, murdering and cleansing America of the undesireables which ruined Christian America or if it will be Americans rising up and doing the deed like the French, Germans, Russians and English accomplished.

Nothing like a Robes Pierre, an Adolf Hitler, a Vladimir Lenin or an Oliver Cromwell to set things the way they should be. Of course, Cromwell was righteous as was Pierre, and from the German view, Hitler was a protector of the faith too, but that Lenin was just a murdering thief.

The English had the broad axe, the French the guilotine, the Germans the bullet and Lenin.......the Russians just ran out of things so Stalin used starvation and cold to crop the productive Jews.

It is in that, that America needs some device. I have written of mine in the neck breaker, which is sort of hangman on a piston......a great device really, as it is bloodless and no mess.

Most people do not know that it was French physcians Dr. Joseph Ignace Guillotin who invented the machine, and was ridiculed for it as he wanted a civilized way of executing the aristocracy, but soon enough Dr. Antoine Louis on the recommendation of Charles-Henri Sanson, a state executioner promoted the device and it was put into production in all locations.
Refinements came in it, as they put it on wheels to transport it around as the French had allot of undesireables to deal with, and the lady is who they turned to.

The lady was the peasant name for the guilotine, which started out as the Louisette or Lousson, but then it returned to guilitone and the machine. Like most intellectuals who create great ideas like Nobel with his dynamite, Guilotine got squeamish over his device and did not like it.
Such a pity when the lady was so faithful to the French.

She did though wear out and needed repairs. There is only so much a cotton rope can take before it breaks, along with keeping the blade functioning. Not that it would lose it's sharpness, but there is a great deal of friction on the bar in it raising and falling. I am not at all in favor of cotton ropes, as cotton stretches far too much. A good hemp rope would be much more appropriate in a modern age, as even nylon gets splinters in the elements.
One must always keep the hands of the executioner from being raw as who knows it might be a 500 head lopper day.
Leather was in favor as it deals with blood pretty well once soaked up. I would see no reason to change the French proven methods.

I honestly would redesign the lady though, to something of a more durable machine. Teflon coating on the moving parts would assist in lubrication and non jamming of the blade. I see no reason to make it modern in electricity raising of blades as malfunctions occur. Just need a good rope and a good pully, and nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning.

There is though the blood, and that is the problem in this. Blood draws flies, except in winter......and then it would be the dogs. Not that I have anything against puppies lapping up blood as it was good for Jezebel, it is just that it is all so messy.....there were blood shields on guilotines too, as those arteries in the neck just sent out a gusher, and numbers of people got their finery all splattered......bad things with all that sodomite HIV and other diseases now too.

That is why my gentleman, the counterpart to the French Lady is such a perfect modern fit. Just 9 feet tall to accomodate the modern giant, on dolly wheels for easy transport, a piston, a leather noose, a nice car floor jack type pump to get things stretched, some straps to keep the footies grounded, and one switch, and quicker than you can say piston half turn, you got a corpse of a traitor to America.
No blood, no mess and ready to pump up the volume as quick as you can get the cadave into the bat cave for processing.

I am a true Patriot in this too in I do not see charging the state for my machine. Not fair profitting off of service to the country off the taxpayer, so I figure this will be my fee. Just like the old seaman of yore who went to wore, they got a cut of the ship they fought. I figure 10 percent of the fortune of the traitor being executed and that is the fee for using my gentlemen.

Take this example of Rush Limbaugh. I saw a timeline when Vladimir Putin was invited into America to clean things up, and Putin put a few rounds in Limbaugh in the surf by his Florida mansion......things change just like Levin and Bush43 in those timelines.
Thing is like Limbaugh got now something like 1 billion in Obama inflating his Mockingbird investments. Limbaugh gets hauled into a people's court, instead of Putin lacing him with lead, and my gentleman earns me 100 million in one pop.

Look I do not want to be accused of profiteering in this either. I figure if all remains economically even, I reach the 10 billion mark, and after that I will donate all the proceeds from the gentleman to buying McGuffy readers for kids, a kids first 22 rifle and ammo, their first Bible and their first knife. Certainly do the kids blessed more than what all that brainwashing foundations are doing to kids.

I believe people just have to get these things in their minds, as the French were so emotional that things got out of hand in 11 million perished. Much better to have this all orderly like Oliver Cromwell was doing things.......but with a bit of emotion as Cromwell spared far too many traitors and Stalin murdered too few. The French did it for too long, and the Germans did it just about right, except it sure was hell for them when the civilized Americans got ahold of them and knocked off another 14 million in starving the ones they raped to death like Stalin did.

See the world is a harsh place, and far too many people think they are going to get America back by talking about it, when the people who have America are using murder in the police state to keep it, and under image Obama has begun genocides against Caucasions in his "minority" preferences and Louis Farrakhan's black war on whites.
It is just a matter to have those with self control administering all the clean up, then you get a nice clean and human event, like the Argentinians did in the Junta....knocked off the leftist parents and adopted out the children.

Understand, you can gauge just what kind of a Patriot you are by how much you wince at the above, how much you think is too far and how much you think that a traitor like Mark Zuckerberg in a Citizen's Court would net me a billion in one pop.

It is how the human mind works. You have been trained not to be people and managed instead as fluff, as sheep the cartel just slaughters while the wolves die biting the hand that poisons them. You know what you are in reading the above. You should know if you are ready for freedom, responsibility and consequences or if you are comfortable with enslavement by your own mentla chains, letting others be executed for your dreams and lying to yourself that you are innocent of it all.

I am saving you poor deluded miscreants lives as you are not ready to walk on your hind legs and are better on all four.

The gentleman.