Monday, September 21, 2015

The image Selleth what the Obama taketh away


who will offer me a bid on these two slightly used Obama properties

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you remember not so many years ago when the Obama regime was shutting down oil drilling off the American east coast, and the Obama regime sabotaged British BP Petroleum in the Gulf Gusher to inflate global oil prices and oil pollute GOP states?
You remember that all right, in the regime said in 2008 after it stole the election from John McCain that 1.87 George W. Bush gas was too they would drive up the price?

Remember how nation rapist Warren Buffett had that North Dakota rail lands for Big Frac and Obama shut off the Canadian oil pipeline........remember Obama hates Keystone XL and is all Mr. Green right?

What if I were to inform you that as of March 2016, that the Obama regime is going to auction off 40 million acres of oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama?

What if I were to tell you that after tracts EPA  226 and CPA 241 are leased that another 60 million acres are going to go on the block.

BOEM Issues Supplemental EIS For Proposed Offshore Lease ...

BOEM Issues Supplemental EIS For Proposed Offshore Lease Sales. Friday ... In an envelope labeled "Comments on the Draft CPA 241/EPA 226 Supplemental EIS" to ...

Now this is Mr. Carbon emissions, ruin the coal industry, ruin cheap electricity for Americans.........and here is the regime in BOEM, the Bureau of Ocean Energy sucking up oil like it was Dick Cheney's bastard son.

Now why would this be? The world is dripping with oil. The North Dakota Baakan fields in Big Frac are flowing......why would the climate change Obama regime be betraying all of their eco terrorists in putting even more oil on the world markets?

This startling information in which image Obama is engaged in, only makes sense when you comprehend what I have stated all along. Obama to Bush are the same coin, but different sides. They both fund the same leftist sodomite agenda and the same right wing oil pumping agenda, as they get the same orders  from the same cartel.

Logic dictates this group is preparing for something. Something which will secure a massive oil and gas supply for America, in case something happens which is being implemented in the next few years.

Who has oil? Russia and the Mideast. Who gets the lion's share of that oil? China.

What happens if that oil supply stops? Perhaps a war as the Obama regime certainly has been stoking the world for war in realignment, after being covered with that Nobel Peace Prize.
Did I mention that 75% of Iran's oil is unrecoverable by their own numbers?

Now do you see what I warned you of when George W. Bush was pushing ethanol........oh and by the way, you probably missed that E 10 ethanol blend is going to be gotten rid of, and E 15 is going to be implemented across the board. That means more corn production and less soybeans for China the math, Big Koch owns a great share of ethanol production in being an insider, and all of this is planned under the Obama regime, like Big Rig is about to start pumping Gulf Oil.......that all adds up to the conclusion, that there is coming a Great Eurasian War, and American oil supply is going to be secured for pumping to Europe and eastern Asia.

I really desire to rub this in to the Obama environmental voters in just how much they have been betrayed. Obama and the image have been the biggest frauds for Wall Street money dumps, resource exploitation of nature and oil production, for this regime's environmental rapists.

This is the way the world operates and all indications are that this means one massive destruction of human life and pollution of resources.
Do you ever think that Syria is being evacuated for a number of reasons, including it is going to be nuked in the future?

It probably is a good thing you richtards have the Lame Cherry yet explaining things......even if that degenerate Mark Zuckerberg is censoring this blog, placing all of you in greater odds of being dead, deader and deadest.
Silly brats, you think you know it all, and each time you steal information here, you prove what infotards you all are.

The Lame Cherry knows all whether I get booted off the net or not.