Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Pervert Obama Tucked Into Bed




As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Awhile back British Prime Minister David Cameron was on Air Force One, and it was reported that Barack Hussein Obama had tucked him into bed. Yes that is odd as it sounds.

Most of you have probably missed this story, but the British PM was outed by a Conservative, from the Oxford days of Cameron, when he was a member of the uber exclusive Bullingdon Club.

The initiation of the elite makes what Skull and Bones do seem sodom tame. as what David Cameron engaged in, was engorging his penis to making it larger, masturbating to get an erection, and then inserting his erection into a dead pigs mouth, where Cameron masturbated or whatever to ejaculate inside the pigs mouth



David Cameron, engaging in necrophilia, not with people in this report, but in bestiality with a dead pig...a pig's head.



Typically these degenerates only drink quantities of high priced liquor, and smash establishments doing around 20,000 dollars in damage, and then buy the proprietor off to silence.




Pig mating by David Cameron, Birther Obama boy mating, and image Obama fornicating with the Pater Pope and sodomizing Americans. All right out of the stuff that God's Wrath is made of.





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