Monday, September 14, 2015

The Vengeance of Babies


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So the other day TL and I were getting some ditch hay.....the neighbor cuts his roadside for winter snows to not block the road and I just sort of go out and pick up a few loads.

In any event, the brake light came on, and it was the rear fuel line had exploded. We got an appointment to get things fixed, and as it was getting up early, we took it in this afternoon.

Afternoons though are for Baby Belle and Baby Daisy for their grazing.

Belle is getting furry. That interests me in her coat of hair she is growing this early. Daisy is getting some hair, but nothing like the fur ball that is Belle.
Belle has pointy little horns as we did not dehorn her. She is growing longer and maybe an inch taller. She is basically hip high yet.

Daisy is small now that she is a year old. She looks big in the pen, but in the pasture she really looks little.........and as she was mooing at the beef cattle, she looked slight too.

The girls are learning to come in from the pasture sometimes when it suits them. They really are good girls though. There is just a non electric one wire keeping them in, the one field, and they never get into that Monsanto corn, which would be a nightmare in having to wait for them to come out again.

Today I decided they would be in an old corral with wormwood weeds, and grass. They did not like it......actually ran around acting like wild caged animals. Odd in how sedate they are free and clear, but in the pen, they were not happy.

It was a wrestling match with Daisy to get the gate closed, as Belle had already run out and was grazing. They can be two hand fulls when they decide they know best.
They were so unhappy they decided on revenge as I was in town. The revenge came in a burdock plant. Only one in the pen, but they both decided to turn their little tails into burr bats.

Little Belle's tail was stuck to her side.

So I had the halter rope, and Daisy was moving around in a circle trying to switch her tail, and me telling her how much I did not appreciate it, as these were big burrs.

The tail cleaned, and Belle was next. She decided this was not what she wanted either, so it was another rodeo match, but in time, the tails were clean.........Daisy off trying to act like she could not see or hear me.

The response to this, is just to lead Belle back and tell Daisy to come. It works as soon as I get out of sight, this thundering herd of one come loping along, and I stay out of the way, as often enough Daisy likes running close.
The only time Daisy gets pushy is by a gate when she wants to eat, or when she is walking beside me. Then she asserts herself......other times she is just like a well trained dog.
 I do not want to make it sound like she is ever mean, it is just her personality. If I can help it, I never strike an animal, as they never forget and do get their revenge........and when you want them, they run away as they always remember being disciplined in being hit.

So I tell them I do not appreciate their vengeance for putting  them in a pen to eat, instead of roaming wild and free, and they get their vengeance. It all works out, and that is a lesson in life. I get baby calves that do not hide in the neighbor's corn field and I get baby calves that cover themselves with burrs in protest of me putting them into a pen. That is a deal I can live with.

Still protesting the bunting though as Daisy runs up having fun. Belle kicks at her........I just say NO NO and she never does it when I am facing her.

I think I am going to shut that other gate up to the back hay field. That will solve a number of things....put some barrier back by the corral too, and that will probably be a compromise of their being confined in a bigger area so they are not aware they are captive.

Sort of like Americans with guns.