Thursday, October 1, 2015

All Too Not Human

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I will never forget the George Stephanopoulos epitaph on election theft eve 2012, as he sat with Diane Sawyer cackling in near orgasm, baiting the few Republican voters still watching ABC election theft coverage, with, "Will Mitt Romney take Florida and have a chance to unseat Obama".
I will never forget the grimace on Jake Tapper's face as he was forced to comment on this charade. Everyone knew that Obama had stolen the election, but these sadistic and pathetic liberals for Obama could not resist rubbing it in to raise the hopes of voters, in order to crash them just an hour later.
Tapper left ABC shortly after that incident, but it has forever cemented in my mind what an evil creature George Stephanopoulos was and is.

It might surprise you in I was reading as a throw away book, All Too Human, the memoirs of George Stephanopoulos, during the Clinton years, before he was fired and then put into place as a minder at ABC. It might also surprise you that George Stephanopoulos started out in life with the choice of being a Greek Orthodox Priest and Theologian, as was the tradition in his Christian family.

How could such a family produce something which was out in 1998 for the Dukakis campaign, criminally (Stephanopoulos' own word) in trying to find Grand Jurors who had receieved testimony from a convicted dope dealer that Vice President Dan Quayle had been a drug dealer. Yes preposterous to all but a liberal mind, but that is what Stephanopoulos was doing.
Mr. Stephanopoulos also was fingered in a Congressional investigation that he was the conduit with Special Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh to indict key George H. W. Bush officials before the 1992 election, which in the end destroyed HW the week before the election, in this election tampering, and installed the dope smoking, rapist, military loathing, Bill Clinton.
GS was never indicted in this, and in the memoirs he never admits to it, but if it was not George Stephanopoulos it was that cast of smarmy Clintonistas he worked with who was involved with the criminal usurper Lawrence Walsh.

It makes one wonder how an altar boy, serving a Greek Priest, trained to be moral, could become the servant of a pervert like Bill Clinton, in being in charge of quashing and trashing a woman's reputation in those bimbo eruptions, all to protect an illusion of what GS thought Bill Clinton was.

There was a kind of Kennedy worship of Bill Clinton by GS, and he struggled with how the great man he thought Clinton was, could be such a deviant. The one fact in this is the Truth, in people choose to be deceived, as much for Bill Clinton, as Barack Obama, as Hillary Clinton.

The turning point in George Stephanopoulos' life, was the day in high that the devil called his name. This is literally what took place and Stephanopoulos thought it was a thought that came to him, but it was satan, putting a conviction in his mind that he was not going to be a Priest.
I have always wondered at how the worst fiends in history, like Vladimir Lenin were people who originally had studied for the priesthood, and instead chose politics as their god, and how they could leave all morals behind, like Muslims in Dr. Zawahiri, and bring such destruction to the world.

George Stephanopoulos could have become an instrument of the Lord, but never received the Holy Ghost in him as a Guide. Instead, the demons have been guiding George Stephanopoulos, a soul so seared, that ruining people's lives, lying, cheating, adultery, and as of late high crimes against America in the Obama fraud, are realities which do not phase him, as his god expects all the things satan does masquerading as an angel of light.
This is the unrepentant sinner, the epitaph of a life which any moral person, observing the smarmy, disgusting, perverts who served Bill and Hillary Clinton with Barack Obama and Joe Biden, are exactly what GS is attracted to, instead of repulsed by as a good Christian Greek Orthodox would.

I honestly have regret and sadness for the waste which George Stephanopoulos is, for exchanging good for evil, and calling evil good........for the simple reason, George Stephanopoulos regrets nothing and has no sadness for the hurtfulness he is. He is an excuse in a suit and his epitaph is not have in a conscience in antagonizing Americans on election eve for Obama.
Stealing an election was not enough. Stephanopoulos wanted his pound of flesh off of Americans too.

That is evil.