Friday, October 9, 2015

Bill Clinton's Grave Legacy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I had not intended to set the record straight concerning Bill Clinton, but in this age all there is, is God, Truth and History, which are the governing factor to overcome death, taxes and humanity.

It is in the spin being put out by Hillary Clinton, that she is top heavy in advisor debt, because Bill told her to buy up Obama's best campaign talent, which is a bent that is unfair to Bill Clinton, as once again the Jebcavers, political ideologue leftists, and Obama's spies which are lying again about William Jefferson Blythe Clinton and that includes Rush Limbaugh in the Jebcavers.

It will surprise many people to know that the President's Bill Clinton had on display, included Republicans Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. This dovetails into the reality of what destroyed Bill Clinton's Presidency and what saved it, and it was not Monica Lewinsky which ruined Bill Clinton, nor the Bimbo rapes, and it was not liberals who saved Bill Clinton, but it was the maligned David Gergen who worked for Republican Presidents, including Ronald Reagan, and it was Newt Gingrich, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan who salvaged Bill Clinton.

David Rodham Gergen was much attacked by Rush Limbaugh, but in this Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, I desire to set the record straight as all of this is important, as while Hillary Clinton termed it, "A vast right wing conspiracy", it was instead a vast FEUDAL CONSPIRACY which targeted Bill Clinton before he was President.

Bill Clinton was not an innocent, and he gave them ammuntion, but if you read closely the things George Stevens AKA Stephanopoulos is saying as an ideologue in All Too Human, a portrait begins to reveal itself in forensic psychology, which points to a reality, that the uber liberals hated Bill Clinton, and that from day one, it was these people, including those in the press who intended fully to make Bill Clinton a one term President.
The evidence is the reality, that the two major operatives were Mario Cuomo and Bob Kerry on the left instigating the Clinton self destruction. Cuomo had intended for Clinton or Kerry to be beaten by HW Bush, and then become President. That failing, Cuomo offered the Supreme Court refused, because it is obvious he had wind of a scheme which would ruin Bill Clinton in an impeachment.
Bob Kerry was defeated by Clinton, and he would have gladly stepped in to challenge again for the nomination or join with Cuomo as Vice President.

It was this intrigue, as the overt "vast right wing conspiracy" of the Bush people seeking revenge on Clinton, which fueled the poison press. Inside it was the ideologues led by George Stevens AKA Stephanopoulos, who were killing Bill Clinton politically.

The advice Clinton was getting on nominees for cabinet posts was horrid, and Al Gore had a hand in those nominees. What was supposed to be a tax cut for the middle class, became gays in the military as the entire agenda became one of the feudal elite not appreciating the tax increase on the uber wealthy in a retroactive tax, and a host of thee most lackluster or saboteurs inside a Presidency.

Three cases in point, early in the Clinton tenure, were a communist uprising in Russia against Boris Yeltsin. The Haiti uprising and the murderous Somalian Blackhawk Down episode.
The key people in this were Anthony Lake at NSA, Warren Christopher at State and Les Aspin at Defense.

Aspin caused the Somalian disaster in not giving heavy tanks to the Soldiers serving there on a humanitarian mission. Lake on the Russian and Somalian upheaval, was perplexed that the CIA sources were lying to him, or holding back information. Clinton was getting bad advice, getting nothing from the people he appointed, and everything was imploding on this Rockefeller child with a Rockefeller minding wife in Hillary Clinton.
There were lurkers like Sandy Berger around the fringes who proved just as devious, as he is the culprit who broke into the national archives concerning 9 11, covering up what the internal faction had been up to, in being a part of this conspiracy, as Berger was sent in to steal historical papers which were evidence.

Into this arrived David Gergen, who righted the interaction with the press that Stephanopoulos had destroyed with his leftism. There was a Marine One ride where Gergen informed Bill Clinton, that Gergen had been cut out of the loop by Lake, Christopher and Aspin, to which called up Lake and read him the riot act.
Stephanopoulos created a spin in blaming Gergen, but the reality is, that David Gergen was the beginning of the successful era for Bill Clinton.

Here is a quote from Bill Clinton as he yelled at NSA advisor, Anthony Lake:

"The Regan people were much better at the politics of foreign policy than we are. Look at Lebanon. They went into Grenada two days later and fixed it".

Stephanopoulos of course seized on this as proof of his off balance conspiracy theories, that Reagan used Grenada to off set Marines being murdered in Lebanon. For the record, no one can set up a military liberation of a nation, in two days, as it requires planning and massive amounts of resources being moved, as Grenada was an advanced Soviet base with Cuban fighters on it, and that just does not come together in a wag the dog 2 days to change the subject.

It was a mix of Republicans who stabilized Bill Clinton and provided his successes. David Gergen, Richard Nixon, Dick Morris and Newt Gingrich with Reagan's Contract with America, is what produced the successes of Bill Clinton's legacy.

I make no excuses for Bill Clinton's depravity, but if you provide a purple rage persona with unlimited power as in Arkansas and DC, you get someone who abuses women as victory symbols. Move this to the reality of an isolated Clinton, the friction with Hillary Clinton, and a very willing Monica Lewinsky, who just so happened to be best friends with Linda Tripp, and you have the set up for disaster in impeachment, which is what was intended all along.

The political failures in Hillarycare, were again from the left.

This is the legacy of the history of Bill Clinton, as he was sucked in to the world he was validated by and addicted to. It is his reality, and no one is going to write the history as it should be in the facts.

The real history is much more interesting than the propaganda. All Bill Clinton has ever had though is the propaganda to keep people from knowing who was cutting him off at the knees and who was pulling the puppet strings behind, leaving Bill Clinton with a crippled legacy and the image of Barack Hussein Obama dancing on the grave.

Nuff said