Saturday, October 24, 2015

Boytex Bras


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder about search engines in their algorithms which are picked up. The trends are interesting.

I was moved to type in HATE MARK ZUCKERBERG and it was interesting the Facebook NSA stooge has such a devoted following that the spiders immediately in a drop down menu featured "WHY DO PEOPLE HATE MARK ZUCKERBERG", meaning there are numbers of people and stories being written about hating this Obama tool.

I desire the richtards to know, that when the mobs come for them in revolution, that it is the Mark Zuckerberg who is responsible for their coming demise, as this creeper has been f*cking with people for years in pissing them off on Facebook, being the biggest prick with the smallest dick in e world.

I will repeat that Lame Cherry quote:

"Mark Zuckerberg is the biggest prick with the smallest dick in e world."

- Lame Cherry
 We will finish this off, with mocking of this pathetic little troll, who the rich in America should really retaliate on, before the mob starts retaliating on them, for all the terrorism which Zuckerberg has been dishing out, protected by the criminal Obama regime.


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