Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Buying two estates to store one TV Dinner


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I probably broke this story months ago, that Hillary Clinton was never hacked, but her server was designed to be an open port into the entire American regime network.

11h11 hours ago
FBN Exclusive: DOJ Officials Fear Foreign Telecoms Hacked Clinton Emails, Server | Fox Business.

 I wonder why the actor James Woods is this massively political, when he has so much going on for

11h11 hours ago
Decorated Marine Jim Webb learns Democratic Party has passed him by, embracing a newer standard bearer...
It is like these two gazillionaires on the left. One wants to shoot people into space and one occupies more space than sense.
If I had a big donation, I would post the Prophetic stuff God tells me, the God Inspired stuff and the agrarian stuff, and for the entire part be off the grid, enjoying what is left of life.

 Then there was John Kerry hiding behind the seasons as the reason for climate change to prop up his lunacy that there is "global warming" in saying that disqualifies Donald Trump and anyone from...........handing nukes to Persians to blow up the world and Syria over to Russia, as the Obama regime has, as basing every foreign policy decision on sodomy and global warming has produced such great results.


 Midnight on August 16th, 2015 AD in the year of our Lord, a package which was held in the doomsday bunker was moved from the White House at midnight by Val-erie Jarrett. The chicken entre was transferred to.......
Do you remember that "hacking" of government employees and the Lame Cherry stated that someone domestically was "looking" for alias names of people who did not exist........well one of the names on that list was a fictional person whose name is on an estate house in DC. That estate house is where the chicken entre was delivered to, in a meat locker on that property, and that is where the body has been secured.

Do you remember that purchase of the Hawaiian Magnum PI property? That is where the body was supposed to be delivered, but those looking for it, discovered the location it is now housed at, and if that body is moved, it is going to be "discovered" in transit.

That should at least provide some creature comfort to those upset about the DC dictatorship. Just picture a big frosty as ugly liberals go jogging by, bouncing their fat as their savior lays unrisen with a box of over 50 million in cash for the brown recluses retirement.

I doubt I am going to get a big donation from that crypt either. Sort of hope you get the danger of what the Lame Cherry just posted in the stalemate which has taken place. Julian Assange is hostage in the Ecuadoran embassy in London, and will be nabbed if he tries to get an MRI, and a chicken entre is checkmated by those who discovered it and will be nabbed if Jarrett takes it out for Hawaiian take out.

Let us change the subject to something safe like women with large breasts.