Monday, October 26, 2015

Cornholios for Bush


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

"There are three annoying sounds in this world.

  1. Cats fucking.
  2. Jeb Bush having trolls do his tweeting for him.
  3. Farmers whining

It is absolutely pathetic that Jeb Bush now has his older brother, George doing a tag team on Donald Trump, because lil Jeb just can not handle a man like Donald Trump.
It would not be so bad, except the Bush males have that wimp factor going on with the old man, and now here comes wimpy Jeb having geezer George lecturing voters on "latin votes matter" like he is the Eric Holder version of Barack Hussein Obama in black lives matter.

It gets worse in the press is really ramping up the story about Ben Carson gaining a lead in Iowa.

OK Ben Carson has dumped a fortune in Iowa. He is concentrated in Iowa. He has been in Iowa for MONTHS..........the real story in this, is that Ben Carson after all the breast feeding he has been doing those corntards from Iowa is that he is only up a few points and not up by 50.

I know farmers. I know farmers in every location in America, and I can tell you something about farmers. They are all fuckheads, and the biggest fuckheads on the farming planet are in Iowa and Minnesota. They whine because it is raining. They whine because the sun is shining. They whine they are poor driving 40,000 dollar pickups and quarter of a million dollar tractors, on 35,000 dollar an acre land.
They whine that the government is involved in their lives, and then are sucking on welfare subsidies for crops. They whine about farming being so bad..............and they only work 40 days a year, but are too fucktard to get out of farming.

Donald Trump is far too polite for those cornholios of Iowa who hold America hostage in the primaries. Iowans are fucking morons in never picking the person who ends up as President. It just proves what fucking morons they are and how 90% of that population should be replaced by Mexicans......oh and that is right, Iowa is a clearing hub for the central United States for illegals..........been that way for years.
Iowans are traitors, and they have a fucking prick state police force who preys on traveler extorting money from them.

That is what is so irritating about all of this in an intern for Donald Trump shared a tweet about GMO affecting Iowans with brain damage for wanting that cult head Ben Carson for President, when Carson thinks every Iowan is going to hell and is wicked, because they are not like Seventh Day Adventist Carson.
It is too hard for Iowans to run a search engine to find out how they have been snookered. No they just got jungle fever for old Dr. Ben Flakey and when they are done jacking off to him, they will probably have Marco Rubio naked for a rub down.

Have you looked at the polls in Iowa? It is like every damned month they are in love with some new candidate. They can't make up their minds and that is the kind of shit America has holding our elections hostage, so the insiders can steal elections in e voting.

Yes why not do the proper thing in being intelligent and going for one candidate 100% who can win like Donald Trump? No not in Iowa, let us instead get this low energy Obama who likes cutting up babies instead of letting them go to waste or writing about women he works with in lewd ways.
Yes that is the "good Iowa" christians.........if the devil told them he was righteous they would vote for him too.

It only gets worse in the products of Iowa doing the fighting for Jeb Bush. This skirt was whining about those stupid Iowa farmers again, as if that voting block matters. There are probably more fags in Iowa than farmers as farming is now big corporate business and the family farm is gone. So who the hell gives a shit what an Iowa farmer thinks!
Replace them with Mexicans, as least you can't understand them, when they are whining about shit that everyone else just shrugs off and gets on with life.


@Charlotte Eby. So your parents were siblings. How far does the brain damage go back to your blonde?

Then there is the Bush boy toy who tweeted something about GMO and some person I do not the point being is, if you have to be an insider to get the tweet, what the hell good is that tweet? I know the dumb fucking Iowa farmers have no idea what a Norman Borlaug was.


@Tim Albrecht. Way to quote a petrochemical fertilizer whore who poisoned the entire 3rd world with his yield crops. So your parents were siblings too. Which one was the bearded lady and which one was the organ grinder monkey, you fucking moron!

All of this just goes to show how "fuck you America" Iowans are and the Bush cavers are. GMO crops are killing livestock, wildlife, bees, pets and people.......and all the Iowans care about in their liquor filled plains north of Council Bluffs, is about money, money, money, and not about lives being destroyed by GMO frankenfood crops.

I know quite a bit about Iowa. I know I was in Missouri Valley often enough, that the image Obama followed me there and was prancing around. Damn creeper. Worse than Jeb Bush on that Supergirl underage teenager.
I kid you not my children. I was in three locations, and that shapeshifter followed me into all three locations. That was creepy as hell.

I hate Iowa. I have made that perfectly clear for a very long time. I though do not have to be polite like Mr. Trump in exposing those arrogant retards of what shit heads they are in screwing up America. Their caucus is like a goddamned hog feeder pen. All squealing and running around, and none of them know a damn thing.

If I was Mr. Trump, I would take names, like 90% of the retards there and ship them out with all the illegals. Tell them it is Mexico and fly their asses off to Afghanistan and let the Taliban work them over. Yeah Iowa has a crap load of the turban heads too. The last good thing that came out of Iowa was Buffalo Bill Cody and he never went back for a reason.

So what have we learned today.

Jeb and George W. Bush are fucking cowards in having to gang up on Donald Trump.

Iowans are stupid as posts in falling for Ben Carson.

All of you are stupid in not figuring out the Carson polls are rigged as for what Carson dumped into Iowa, you could get Sheik bin Laden's corpse the same poll numbers.

I hate Iowa for a reason as they are treacherous trolls who have no business being Americans or participating in elections as they can not keep their own predatory police state from robbing tourists and they never make any right political decisions.

Yeah that is Iowa. Championing the GMO rapetard who sold expensive crops to 3rd world farmers, so they went bankrupt and committed suicide, as the Rothschilds bought up their lands and supporting the Soil Niggers who are extorting billions of dollars from America on their Big Farm welfare, all in the name of Obama-s 3rd Term, Jeb Bush.

I hate Iowa.