Sunday, October 4, 2015

Gem Pickers


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

"People never think they are sheep, because as thinking people they never realize they are sheep."

- Lame Cherry

While on Facebook a well meaning apologist for reading the blog, stated they shared the Lame Cherry writings, but warned people to glean the gems from the rest of the more offensive content, as people just do not want to be called racists, homophobes or any of the terms which the cartel has placed as talking herd the sheep into the gulag pen.

I have no problem with people who have "friends" they have to deal with who are ignorant, but what I dislike is that ignorance of ingratitude, in not understanding a reality of the Lame Cherry, and I am going to address it here.

The majority of you had your heads up your asses in 2008 and were not here when the second wave of NSA intimidation, which has the Barack Obama contractors sifting through the internet to stamp out the freedom of expression.
This centered around Lawrence Sinclair in his stand in revealing that Barack Obama engaged in sodomite intercourse with Mr. Sinclair in Chicago, including coke use and a second visit in the morning. The entire Kennedy machine was unleashed in this process, and they failed to silence Mr. Sinclair, and it was turned over to the Biden Syndicate of Delaware.
Interwoven into this was offshore Jewish contractors in the Israeli state, and various minders employed on the internet to hack into accounts, all covered by the NSA and FBI, with a host of maniacs who were in government or working for Microsoft phishing for information on people.

The reason this was called the Second Wave, is due to the fact that after 9 11, the Twin Towers housed the Clinton spy network which had engaged in a great deal of surveillance of myself and others. When the Towers were pulled though, the servers all went to dust, and it was not until Carly Fiorina handed over HP servers to reconstruct this octopus, and it was turned over in 2008 to the Obama regime about to be installed, that many of us started having problems again in being terrorized by the regime.

To take the gem pickers back......that sounds like a good name for this post, so now you know when the Holy Ghost named this article as I did not have a good title for 2008 and 2009, ALL OF YOUR HEROES, had been intimidated to silence. If you need a refresher it was Rush Limbaugh who was putting out feelers to play golf with Obama, but was rebuffed.
Jeb Bush in December had abandoned us in telling us we all had to be like Obama as Reagan was dead. Peggy Noonan had betrayed us along with Bill Buckley's son........and soon enough Ann Coulter with Geraldo Rivera was going to tee off on the Birther movement for Truth, which Mr. Trump was a part of, in ripping Jerome Corsi and Joseph Farah to shreds, as CPAC had been taken over by the billionaire fag donors enriched by Karl Rove to hijack the GOP.

Congress was silent. The US Courts were throwing people like hero Lt. Col. Terry Lakin into prison, and Mark Levin would not even call Obama a Marxist out of fear, as Obama minders were all over the internet intimidating everyone with racist charges. Free speech had been silenced in America literally.

.........and what were all of you shit pickers doing? Hiding under your bed afraid, and now your are pretending what patriots you were all along.

There was in 2008 and 2009 a small group of Patriots, which had defended Lawrence Sinclair, became the Birther movement, and had that hijacked to become the Tea Party or pro American movement. For God's reasons, I was the one stuck doing the investigative and political writing, for which I was threatened, harassed and targeted for death.

......again where were you then, but intimidated and hiding as you did not want to be accused of things in being a big bad racist as that was more important to you than America.

The Holy Ghost moves me to create things, and the path which I was typing on the Prophetic keyboard was honesty, and it meant coming up with a phrase from Designing Women and the great black actor who played the character Anthony, to define Barack Hussein Obama, the Birther as a Designer Negro, as that is exactly what he was. A negro to fit the comfort zone of racists.

The Lame Cherry was stalked, hammered, smeared and written about.......but I did not stop from pressure inside and out. I was left to hang out and dry by all of your heroes in the media and by most of you. The answer for all of this, is God moved me to produce more volume and to triple down. When the mind police bitched about Nigger, I correctly defined them as Afroids, and for this I was attacked again by the caveat in every note to me, "I don't agree with everything you say............" along with numerous hate mails, from a Jeff Rense posting of an article of mine he posted on there and drew in numbers of maniacs ranting at me, as I was trying to hold the beach.

So you get this, I constructed this as D Day in Normandy. The people who were defending Lawrence Sinclair took the beach. We broke out into the hedgerows and I became the sapper in the wire on far point. I was clearing the paths for the sunshine patriots to follow and the more effective I became the greater target I became.
One reason I do what I do in the way I do it, in drooling on myself and scribbling on the wall, is to keep from ending up like Andrew Breitbart. Few of you ever fully realize how dangerous all of this is and has been.

The gems among all the over the top stuff, is designed to provide a field which now all of your sunshine patriots can prance around on, judge me, and prove how clueless everyone one of you is........because if it was not for me, Mark Levin would have NEVER after 9 months of Obama enabling uttered the word Marxist about Obama. Those Mockingbird shills were terrified of talking as they were protecting themselves, and because their scripts would not allow them to reveal anything about was not until the Lame Cherry infused into the bleating sheep, and the movement was about to outstrip the minders, that the rush was on to start saying the things most of you were starting to parrot.

I know linguistics and catch phrases, and I salt them in this blog at times to monitor things. Every so often I hear a caller on a program or hear a mic head say something which is from the Lame Cherry, and most of them have no idea where it originated from. The conversation is being changed by the parrots reciting this blog.

That gem pickers is your shame, because as you deem yourself superior to me, as you are civilized, you do not bloody well understand that it was the work here which gave you this field to pop your heads up and now claim you are heroes and patriots. I risked everything and am still at risk, all so you can not appreciate what God has given you, because you are sheep for brains in not realizing, you can post things and say things, without a hundred minders hammering you of the FBI hauling you away as at the start of this in 2009.
You skim over things now and do not realize that people are posting now about hanging the traitors in the regime and speaking of revolution. If they had tried that in 2009, they would be in Patriot Act Gitmo.
You do not know the gift God gave you from the Lame Cherry.

None of this is over. Donald Trump is in jeopardy as the methods used against him are not working. The jebcavers are now in the 18 month and the Tea Party will be destroyed mode. They do not have 18 months, and that is why they have shifted to finding people who Jeb  first could knock down, and now are moving to finding a way to perhaps stick Donald Trump with one of their minders in Marco Rubio, as Reagan was stuck with George W. Bush to mind him.

The cartel and all their politicians....this means the conglomerates, the courts and the financiers have looted trillions from Americans, invaded America with Mexicans and have been murdering Americans like Andrew Breitbart and the Diospora Dead. They are criminals and know what awaits if their crimes are produced for the mob to retaliate.
This has been set up for generations, cost trillions of dollars, and they do not appreciate the added effort that one little sapper in the wire is causing them. Put it this way, Jeb Bush has plotted, destroyed Conservatives, helped install Obama, spent a fortune, just like Hillary Clinton, who are the candidates of the elite...........and the Lame Cherry has been a major thorn in their footies making them have to put more effort into the programme. To a point it is useful in the mix to keep a revolt from taking place, but it also is more annoyance than these elite care to bother with.
Cross that line as Andrew Breitbart did in threatening them in too fast of a meltdown, and he was assassinated.

That is what is at stake here. You gem pickers think you are in control and safe with your treasures, that none of this is going to touch you, but the reality is the invasion and your replacements are here, and that is what is at stake is your lives. You will be genocided in the next decades. Too much for your sheep minds to deal with as it is too grande of concept, but all the reality is, America is dead, and it is now possession of the corpse which is contended for.

I do have notes from people who do say thank you, and that is nice of those good people. It is the majority of ungrateful brats that act like 1960's hippie trash not appreciating their parents suffered and died in World War II, which was another cartel exploitation of America, do not at least show respect and not how damned half wit they are, as they claim poverty in their luxury or expect poor people to pay their way.......or the great donation of 50 bucks pays your way to fill up at this gas pump eternally....that they just seem to not have it figured out how to click that donate button and do what God says in tithing 10 percent of what God's money is when they are rich.

I can write things, take chances, endanger us, and die for the cause, but the rest of the sunshine patriots can hide in the weeds and call out how brave they are from their swimming pools and vacation retreats.

This all comes down to one thing, and that is respect, and you do not respect me by being intelligent enough to know that I gave you this internet to play on in the First Amendment by God's Grace and then you lie about me and steal information here and make it sound like you thought it all up. I am warning you, that God records all of this, and when you steal from me, you are stealing from God, and the entity who comes to collect is satan, and satan is a loanshark who never lets you off even with high priced interest, as what is the price of stealing from the Holy Ghost eh?

Just behave for a few moments in your life, and stop exposing what fools you are. Shut up with how much you think about how bright you are, and show some humility. That would be a start, as you have no comprehension what is being accomplished here, as you have the memories of a gnat. You delusions have you a Patriot in years past, when I know the reality as you were not around here when I was crawling through this mine field alone.

No matter what is written the point will not reach the page skimmers who think all of this world just dawns each day without a fight which is going on beyond their comprehension. Sheep are like that though, in you can set up all week, bankrupt your finances in trying to protect them from coyotes, have them uneasy as they know danger is around in they flee to let you die, instead of them, and the minute the dead coyote in hanging on the fence, they are bleating at you, demanding to be fed with a feeder full of hay behind them, and looking at the gate, wondering why in the hell I was so mean in not letting them run where they were getting killed.

Nuff said