Friday, October 2, 2015

Mercer without Mercy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Before the Oregon Manchurian was let loose to shoot up a community college, Umpqua meant to me the great work of Tim Peters in producing new vegetable varieties for the garden, and Umpqua was one of the successful broccoli varieties which has made the world a better place.

Chris Harper Mercer is one of the most interesting paradoxes in modern history in one would think that a British child, coming to America, would have thought all things possible in he too could have been President, just like British colonial Kenyan linked Barack Hussein Obama, and in yet just a few short years from 2008, Mercer was acting just like image Obama in having masses of people murdered as he tried to change the world.

I noted that Warner Todd Huston had posted on this, in Mercer obtained all of his firearms legally. I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Huston as in previous contacts he was one of the few people who was ever pleasant and not pushing an agenda. What I desire though for all of you to not forget that I reported here that the team which activated Mercer, located him, by the BATF files in the firearms he had purchased.
If you notice from the start of this, BATF is the source of all of these statements on Mercer, and I noted in the Washington Post, before any information had appeared as to who this person was, that one of the Tweets was ranting about this being a damned Republican.

That should set off warning lights in this, in coordination. Remember that BATF was the agency which was employed by Obama in 2008 before he was in the Oval O, to find unbalanced white people, arrest them, and make them the focal point of racism.

I told you this was all piggybacked off of Louis Farrakhan's 10,000 armed blacks, and Mercer is this strange product of an Englishman, come to America and an ethnic female as this blog broke the story immediately.
Remember this traces by inquiry back to a French team coordinating these manchurian shootings. The regime is aware the acts will take place, but this is the cartel running the programmes and choosing the candidates to activate, by the their federal firearms records.

Mercer is an amazing confessional which threw up all the spider flags in being unbalanced, and the perfect racial candidate to spike the hatred for the Obama regime with enough confuse a cat to keep the population wondering about another Grassy Knoll.

Do not overlook what was reported here, the Washington Post had a troll accusing Mercer of being a Republican before any information appeared, and then information was changed to fit the story by hackers. Hackers as I have told you are coordinated with the regime and protected by them. This is a gaping hole in the Mercer story showing it is a wag the dog operation.


There is always an unbalanced person to guide over the edge, and Mercer was such a candidate. He is as odd as the black California cop, Chris Dorner, hunted down and a body burned up in his place.

Mercer's most interesting action was the reality that he joined the US military after the Obama election theft, but was booted out of the service in not meeting standards.  This was an Obama man and his vote registration was Independent, as much as his religious choice was Wiccan, as this profile degraded.

Once information has been changed, there is not any way to know for certain who was hacking what. The base story though does not change.
Tuesday was the inception day when the programming was set into motion. The entire repetition of Sandy Hook to the Virginia shootings, all were the profile. Do not miss in this what I stated as a tell in this, the Carolina shooter was posed with a Rhodesian military insignia and Mercer was connecting with the Irish Republican Army. Does not make sense, and it is not meant to in confuse a cat. What it does point to though is a signature of the group conducting this operation has a trigger in them that associates with extension of the British government in colonial activities in Northern Ireland and Rhodesia.

It does not matter what the French team for the cartel focused on this, whether it is association or another one of these diversions with an Obama flavor to resonate on subconscious levels. What matters is a pattern has emerged and it repeated.  That reveals coordination by the same group prosecuting these operations, clicking them off on mark for effect.

Do not get caught in the Mercer darkness as it is intended. Focus on the tells behind the curtain. The fringe effects steering this wag the dog, made key mistakes, as have the repeated pattern in English colonialism hints.

I told you to stop watching the girl. They are using legal firearms owners to promote a crackdown on the ones not getting scopolomine scratch and sniff. There is an agendas behind this, not one agenda. Stop thinking flat world and focus on the buzz behind this. That is where the Truth lies.

The Tavistock Stanford protocols in this point to these events will generate friction points, by the agitation due to the jinn in the White House linked up to Birther Hussein. This is fascinating as this has not accomplished what it seems to erupt. Inquiry states that this operational group has made a mistake, and that is the fascinating part.
The second levels show a disconnect in they do not know what to do with these manchurians being laid before them for propaganda. Thus the hesitation in the information release. The second tier does not know what to do with the prize and the jinn is moving blind with the political operation.

Now that I have pulled you children out of the abyss again, time to let you stumble along to fall in again, by the time you wake up tomorrow morning.