Friday, October 23, 2015



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

TL is reading a biography from a Britisher about Robespierre, a name which so many of us should be aware of, as history does indeed repeat itself, and like all things French, the boogermen like Marie Antoinette and Maximillen Robespierre were both the scapegoats for the real bloodletters of the masses.

Palimpsest is word the British dame doth use, and it is word when TL mentioned it, Inspired in me the reality how much the American political world on the right mirrors it.

Palimpsest is a condition of a manuscript on parchment, in which the original words have been bleached out and a new writing is written over it, but the old words keep bleeding through, reminding everyone what is really underneath.

As you listen to Jeb Bush and the Jebcavers, everyone from Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul etc..., you are faced with a reality of "wow these people sound really right wing", and then you start examining what they are really doing in deeds, and you find out like Jeb, they are all pro alien invasion, pro Muslim, pro Obamatrade etc... in this mix and match of all of these little Obama's running around.

Every time you turn a page of Jeb Bush and his myriad of shattered images in his GOP conduits meant to steal the primary for him and to dilute Donald Trump, you see these facets of his Obamaness, and a clairvoyant redundancy that their cartel natures of the elite rule just keeps bleeding through like the Scarlet Letter on their faces.

This is not to say that the Hilarycore does not have it's own literary condition, but theirs is more akin to Halloween spectres raising from the tombs to shriek and wail, that the story of their wake, just never allows that stench of death drift away to the anamnesis that their manic obsessions and delusional phobias are real by the treatments they are all administering

Hillary Clinton's emails do not constitute crime, because the liberals and their press, do not want it to be a crime. Of course, the world requires the Jebwing version of Obama in a 3rd term, with all of it's disasters, as we just needed 8 more years of HW Bush, 8 more years of W. giving us more Clinton nation building and bubbles, and of course 8 more years of the 20 years of HW, Clinton, W and Obama, in a more robust Obama blowing up the world and pillaging America.
For this lost on everyone, I repeat the Obama regime is rigging up massive oil drilling and with the GOP, America is now selling it's oil, which it does not have enough of in still importing 9 million barrels of oil a day, all to set the next Obama years of this fraud "green" which was nothing but kickbacks to the elite in billions for donations to the Obama re election, and to destroy independent coal, gas and oil ownership, to be easily acquired in the same way Obama had Goldman Sachs absorb Lehman Brothers for pennies on the dollar.

That is what the feudal politick has become, the old parchments bleeding through while the self diagnosis of the psychotic patients on the right, all call for more bleeding of us.

It is why the reality is of the support for Donald Trump. I prefer the one person acting like he wants to be the next Ronald Reagan or Vladimir Putin, instead of the mob of the GOP elite and DNC elite who want more Joe Stalin or Barack Obama incarnate as another false messiah.