Saturday, October 31, 2015



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In a strange diversion, Politico published a cat fight going on in Hillary Clinton's staff between Huma Wiener and Cheryl Mills. Huma being the cunt licker and Mills the ass kisser for Hamrod Clinton.

The issue was a Secret Service Agent, and that is the THEE ISSUE in this which Politico did not seem to get while watching the lesbo cat fight. The issue is what Huma was typing out, and what Mills was trying to shut her up about in this:

The agent NAME WITHHELD  “has been a HUGE asset protecting our interests and balancing usss politics.” (USSS is often short for United States Secret Service.)
“He has gone above and beyond in every way and anyone more stringent will make our life and travel more complicated.
Starting from scratch with someone else is going to be challenging."

I placed the parts in BOLD which require focusing on, as someone in the Secret Service was servicing Hillary Clinton, as in running interference for her inside the Secret Service and involved in a cover up, where security procedures were not being followed, so Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Wiener in their personal lives and in travel were not being reported.
Challenging? Translates as a new Secret Service agent is going to have to be blackmailed or coerced into breaking the law in the same way their predecessor was engaged in.

I explain this in when President George W. Bush flew to Iraq. The Secret Service detail at the ranch was not informed, and when Laura Bush got mixed up on the time when the President would be on the ground in Iraq, she phoned the Secret Service about George.
The Secret Service responded about HW who was flying in, and she said back, "NO MY GEORGE", and the agent replied, "Mam we have the President on the ranch at this time".

This is a serious breach as the greater story in this is, "What the hell was this Secret Service agent running interference about, what was he covering up for Huma Wiener and Hillary Clinton, and more to the point, what was Mrs. Clinton involved in, that this agent apparently was showing Hillary someplace in travel, when she was not at the location she was specified at."

This is the Secretary of State after all, and she is in line for the Presidential succession.......meaning the Secretary of State is a prime candidate for kidnapping by terrorists.

This goes even further in Cheryl Mills, tells Huma Wiener that this political minder in the Secret Service, would probably stay if asked, but apparently as a misuse of the State Department authority, has this political minder advanced to minding some other situation for Mrs. Clinton.

“This is rotation time and while I am sure if asked he would stay, he would miss the chance to manage the security at the [redacted]. we have [redacted].”

These are real crimes. It is a crime to subvert the Secret Service and having an agent cover up that security. It is a crime to quid pro quo in paying people off for their silence.

This is a bombshell story and is the reality which would be the firestorm to end Hillary Clinton's campaign and send her, with these conspirators to prison.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. Shadowgate, as the shadowy world of the regime is protecting activities which Mrs.Clinton was involved in, that she did not want anyone in America, nor in the Secret Service informed of.