Monday, October 12, 2015

Silly Cherry and to the Wood Shed

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sometimes correspondence makes me smile as I need scolding by some and I need my brain excavated at times too.

So we will call this Silly Cherry and to the Wood Shed.

Most times I feel people. It is either becoming worse or more refined, depending on how one looks at it. As an example, the other morning someone who had been the worst to TL, was having buyers remorse in their life of new spouse and new kid. TL picks up things in dream state, as most of you do. People popping up in your dreams many times are their thinking about you.
What I was impressed was I woke up figuring TL had a dream contact, as I was sort of doing what I do well, in constructing a head game to run on this person which would have blown their life completely out of the water. I did not act upon this and turn things over to God, but all the same........I knew.
I usually pick up things in what people write, or if I focus on what people have going on in them.
When I regret my bitching here, it is I do not want to be a bother to people out there in making their lives the least bit sullen. I have a bad trait of being Little Mary Sunshine, in always trying to find ways to look at horrid things for something a survival mechanism, even if what I post here sounds like the dark side too much. My one hope is for all of you to be at peace, in God's Love and to have joy. TL was saying how fast the year has gone and we regret that. We both have been feeling something out there which is brooding. That has been bothering me. I have been blessed with a great deal of ability in Spirit, but my mind is a basic dullness from fatigue, my body is tired at the heart, and it feels like my Spiritual receptors are like melted down from over use. I am not saying that to complain or gain sympathy. I am pressing to try to get a way out of the poverty, which is probably incorrect.......but I am frustrated, but that is not the correct word either, but I am 'something' in being displeased that I am not functioning under this load as I normally produce at.
It will straighten out, but I am pleased good people are out there to listen to me. God bless you for that.

Now out to the Wood shed for a question about oil in what Obama is up to in I sometimes need to explain things better.......and no a question is never a bother for me as questions are what I am here for.

Best to use the question in context:

It would seem as if the impetus to lift the export ban is an attempt by some to get the US to sell its oil cheaply for a while before a price increase predicted around late 16 early 17, with Big Frac willing to go along with it out of short term desperation / long term greed?

Which if this is the case, why is Obama threatening a veto of HR 702 while not selling off the SPR?
Obama does seem to be allowing exceptions to the export ban but seems reluctant to draw off the SPR. However as far as I can tell his entire cadre of advisors want to sell the SPR into a low price market for "strategic reasons" and to "smooth price shocks".  What is the reason for his reticence?

The first question is correct on both answers. It would be desperation in being blackmailed on their debt to service it, and from one of the engineers on the inside, the industry has informed them that crude will be up around 60 dollars a barrel in the next year.
So for some buying futures or literal oil at 47 dollars and it will rise to 60 dollars in 12 months, in real numbers of a billion dollars worth of oil would net an investor 276 million dollars for that investment or a quarter of a billion dollars at 25% almost profit......better than anything is paying.

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve was being offered to market to fund an "expansion" of the caverns where it was stored.......that was the story. It goes into the original margin of dropping crude prices to wipe out Vladimir Putin which failed, and now has Mr. Putin inside Syria, humiliating image Obama.
Soros was pushing this to "punish" Mr. Putin, but it all goes back to the Obama shell game. For example, Obama always has insider trading in crooked deals. Project this out, in someone like Soros would buy those reserves at a cheap rate. Nowhere does any of this mean that whoever Obama rewards that crude to, has to show up with their tin pail to take it home.....meaning the insider could buy those 70 million barrels like someone who would buy futures in is all on paper.
The oil never leaves the caverns, so it is sort of like the Federal Reserve holding US Treasury money and making money off of it.

An insider knowing that oil in this release is going to drop, can buy shares in the commodities in selling short in that price drop and make money, in a way double dipping on this investment. They are paid for selling short, and in a year's time before image Obama is out of office, it buys back the oil at inflated prices.......from Big Frac in the expanded caverns, and the oil that never left the caverns, makes a huge profit for the insider.

Oh and another insider gets paid billions to "expand" the oil reserve caverns in this endless incestuous brothel of industry placing their stooges into the regime to use the government as their personal money pit or legalizing their the new GMO law to forbid states from labeling these poison foods by placing it on a "national standard".

I hope that answers things, and I did not step on anyones toes in a more playful mood, but as I mentioned bed an hour ago, and TL mentioned bed again just now, I think I should that horizontal position soon.

I did smile as I was outside checking things in the dark, as I thought a bunny was in the yard, as we have one that comes up at night, but as I looked harder, it was Jubal I think, working over a mouse it had caught. That kitten is like Holly was, sibling and all. They seem barely bigger than a mouse yet and they are out catching them and having so much fun with their prey until they eat it.
I have never seen such young hunting cats as least they are not on the roof which was a sport of the group we had here a few years ago in that was interesting listening to them running around up there at night.

God bless all the Good in Jesus Name Amen and Amen

That above title makes me thing of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass......been some time since I was there.