Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Ides of Walter Energy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I marvel at stupidity. Not the kind which is stupid, but the kind which is educated and believes itself intelligent, and that is the worst type of stupidity.

Walter Energy.

That either sounds like a man or some kind of company, and it is the latter, but Walter Energy is the tombstone of America, as erected by Birther Hussein Obama and the image, because it is the epitome of stupid.

All of this matters, is because everyone knew in 2008, with the installation of Birther Hussein to the White House, that coal was dead, as were coal fired power plants, and immense energy costs were coming. So it puzzles me why the son of a Wall Street investor would place in 2010, a part of their inheritance into Walter Energy, which is a coal mining company in Alabama, which just filed Chapter 11 this summer, and it stocks were shut down by the New York Stock Exchange, and I happened to catch their trading value at 8 cents a share.

Walter Energy is the investment print of the Obama black hole, and it does not matter if it is agriculture or industry, Walter Energy is coming to visit a great deal sooner than any of you think, and it will matter to each of you.

In 2011, Walter Energy got the great idea like most of the coal mining companies, to start expanding and buying up coal reserves. This sounds insane considering what I just posted in Obama destroying coal fired plants in America, but you have to understand the bait and switch in all of this, as the punchline is coming toward the end of this article, as it reveals everything Hugo Chavez about image Obama.

So Walter Energy, buys up for over 3 billion dollars, the major Canadian coal vein of industrial coal in 2011, thinking they would sell that coal to China. The company did this in massive debt, stock trades........and yes debt offered it due to Obama Geither zero percent loan money........same money being handed out to Jeff Bezos of Amazon, so he can spend it on space rockets......................yes more massive debt by design.

We now in the present can see what Walter Energy did was stupid, as China's economy was imploding and that meant China was not going to buy coal, so Walter Energy had this massive debt which it could not service, like most of the other coal mines in America.
A few insiders started tapping natural gas to burn in power plants and are surviving, but not Walter Energy.

This now draws near to the punchline as I have written previously how Big Frac was lured to drill all those oil wells in North Dakota and elsewhere on high oil Big Farm was lured to borrow money for inflated land and machinery.........and as if by deliberate design, once the money was spent, the prices were collapsed, and all these segments of the American economy are now in precarious situations.
Big Frac now has oil contracts, with their debt in need of servicing coming to the forefront next month. Trillions of dollars are in need of interest payments, as this can not be paid off with low oil prices......even with Americans being gouged, so how does this all end?

It appears a great deal, that someone as in 1929 and other Dotcom bust eras, has engineered a massive bubble, gotten powerful companies to go into massive debt, developing things.....(You know like suckers invested in building the railroads and went broke, and someone else showed up to own those trains for huge know like Lehman Brothers got tanked so Goldman Sachs could reap the rewards of redemption there too).......starting to see a pattern there right?

The point is Big Frac just like Big Coal is already appearing on the auction block, appears to be the next industry which is going to be annexed or feualized by the Obama insiders.

I pointed out that non tax paying GE, already is out of banking due to Obama regulations and debt. Their focus is on drilling for oil.......yeah everyone is going broke and GE is in the insider game.....insider if GE is going to take it's revenues and buy up for pennies on the millions of dollars oil consessions or get new Gulf concession in the Gulf, which the Lame Cherry told you about exclusively in the Obama regime is offering up 100 million acres of oil development..........and not one peep out of the environmentalists.

The signs are definitely there, that the cartel behind image Obama, the same image which handed the Mideast over dope smuggling Marxist Islamist in the process of annexing the entire American energy grid and is putting American agriculture on the short leash too.

I experienced this cheap money sucker game, and every time I see it, it is the same play in people who think themselves players, get played, and end up having everything confiscated from them, and someone else ends up making a profit off of what was developed before the bankruptcy. The same thing happened in went bankrupt a few times, and lo and behold here is Big Koch making billions on it......and now the Obama regime is spening 100 million of your dollars to switch America from E 10 to E 15 fuels at the pump.

No that can not be..........the Koch right wing brothers, getting the Obama regime to fund an expansion of their product?

I keep telling you these things, and if you want to be a moron, then be a moron and fall for it the next time too. What this appears to me though as another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter is that the Obama regime from day one, suckered these rich pompous asses in US energy, making them think they were players............and now are being played as someone is going to own all those drilled oil wells as the debt is coming due, just like Walter Energy could not produce enough coal to make the debt solvent.

Yes Walter Energy, has closed it's Canadian mines and is now trying to pry the unions in Alabama of the United Mine Workers to take starvation rations as any job is better than no job at all.

It just makes one wonder what kind of genius it would take to invest in a company like that with the caveat of "Do not touch that stock for 10 years." Someone is going to get a great deal of coal very cheap......sort of like the railroads were all bankrupted, right before that nation rapist advocate of Birther Hussein, swept in and created an illegal monopoly in American rail systems.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. I have news for you people who thought your oil stocks were safe. If your company borrowed to drill those wells in North Dakota and elsewhere, that debt is coming due, and you just might be looking at 8 cents a share too, with stocks frozen to buying and selling.....and your left holding worthless stock as a new Obama conglomerate buys up the assets cheap.

Nuff said.