Friday, October 2, 2015

The Lame Cherry White Paper on the Forensic Study of the Legalization of Sodomy in America

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a white paper on the sodomization of America, as no one has or ever will create a scientific paper on the event, to explain it's origins in the mind of the dupe in the psychopathies they suffered, to those behind this event which masked it in liberal racism, all of the purpose of the next step in legalize pedophilia.

It amazes me yet and it should not, that after having written exclusively of this in exposing the First Lady Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno's emancipation of children movement back in the 1990's, which was a platform for pedophilia, that after "gay marriage" was legalized, all then were experts in knowing the next step was legalized child rape, and all forgot who was the author in exposing every aspect of this.

The Obama Sodomization of America was fascinating from a scientific perspective in forensic psychological manipulation, as what all of this could be summed up as, is George Stephanopoulos.

That might seem odd in the Clinton era crony minder, being the poster fag for this movement, but everything about sodomy is wrapped up in the Stephanopoulos type, who will from this moment be called white American STEVENS, as I have had it with odd ball names of ethnics.

You must revisit all of this, in liberal seized upon the American Afroid Civil Rights movement, AFTER the Republicans had fostered it and promoted it since 1850 in the abolition of slavery. Democrats saw in a movement led by Marxist Martin King of the Civil Rights Movement, the opportunity to garner a solid voting block, to replace the white voting block of the South, in both the north and the south for political power.

The beatnick children of the 1950's experienced as the hippy generation which followed a great psychological rape, as it was intended by the Tavistock and Stanford "counter culture movement" to overthrow America from being a prosperous Christian nation to a Marxist welfare state, in the murder of John F. Kennedy, their great white fantasy.
This was compounded by the elimination of Martin King in another intelligence operation, and followed by the removal of Robert F. Kennedy.

These left an unfinished business in these non bathing anarchists who spun tales of how wonderful the flower children world was, to their Sean Penn children of communists, in how unfair America was, and if they had just gotten their chance, then all would have been a nuclear free and peaceful world without pollution.

Ronald Reagan appeared, and fixed all of the problems which liberals had created, but this was not enough, as the liberal lusted for one of their own to point to, and say they made a dirty diaper to be proud of too.
That someone was Bill Clinton, the serial rapist, whose main successes in life were signing into law, Newt Gingrich's Reagan Contract with America. The socialist dream of Clinton failed with Hillarycare, as Clinton became the Gingrich President.

Clinton though was bestowed with bizarre titles as "the first black president", which could only make sense to a liberal mind out of touch with reality. This though was the lone pacifier of the liberal in Bill Clinton was just like their mummy and dads, in they fought allot, dads raped allot of women, mums was sucking lezbo pussy, and they all got nice things to get stoned in.
It was this pacifier removal with the election of George W. Bush over Al Gore, which set off another psychotic liberal episode where no holds were barred, in the more US Soldiers murdered in Iraq, using the mother of a dead Soldier in Cindy Sheehan, the collapse of the world economy was all, the ends justify the means, as long as a liberal woman attained the White House.

Something though better was appearing for this liberal psychopathy, and that was a foreign birther named Barack Hussein Obama, whose supposed parents sullied themselves in bi racial sex, the Obama's were homosexual deviants, who liked molesting children, they hated America and were designer blacks. The liberal looked at the Obama's and saw the Civil Rights Movement, bondage belt Michelle Obama in feminist movement, and the messianic image to undo every aspect of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, which had brought America prosperity and peace, because it was right wing peace, and it had to be left wing peace.

So they bestowed upon Barack Hussein Obama a Nobel Peace Prize, and cheered. They cheered his being a Muslim mocking Black Pulpit's in cadence, and they cheered he was called a black man, so they all could exorcise their "nigger knockin'" from college days, as it was all sport to the white liberals to beat up dumb ass blacks standing on street corners.

Hillary Clinton in the mob of liberalism was readily thrown to the curb like a whore having accomplished her service, and Obama was the remedy for all the ailments of liberals past, present and future.

It became even more bizarre as Nancy Pelosi in Obamacare attempted to link black Civil Rights to rationed death, in parading black Congressman before the public, and one of them lying to the world in saying a Tea Party member spit on them, just like in the good olde Martin King days for exclamation points.

With Obama blowing up the world, spending America into debt oblivion while handing Wall Street trillions of dollars to prop up the stock market, blacks were kicked to the curb, as there was no longer, just as the 2009 Obama Inauguration Election  Theft, a need for the Afroid in America.
Affirmative Action had hit it's ceiling, and with a Designer Negro in the White House, the Afroid was no longer of any value in the liberal left, as it was now a matter of that accomplishment, could now import Mexicans to replace the black voter who really was not capable of working, donating money, voting in large enough blocks to be cost efficient, and their breeding was all aborted babies going to Planned Parenthood profits.

This is when the Civil Rights movement really morphed into the anal sex issue of pervert Civil Rights. It had always been on the agenda of the elite, as has been noted by their nuances, but the brainless Obamaniac of the mob left, was coming to that conclusion, that all of those drug induced rapes in college, they were told were "experimenting with sex" were really an accepted thing. One must understand that a raped child, informed the pleasure they received from being rape, did not make it all bad, when done by smiling "friends", and with the push for EQUALZ, it then gave these shattered souls the opportunity to push the rape aside, and believe that the rape did have purpose, in they too were part of the leftist civil rights movement of marriage rights for homosexuals.

This is what was part of this frenzy, in the psychopathy of the mob mind, was desperately seeking a way to deal with their molestation, and by legalizing it, then it was not something they would go to hell for or be ostracized from their rapist recruitment friends, and all would be a psychotic home just like they grew up in, where dads Obama was out sucking white dick and Muchelle was home finding a way to get children to appear they came out of her womb.

It is how the racial Civil Rights Movement was transformed to the deviant Civil Rights Movement involving perversion, and why the mob rush forward like lemmings over the cliff. The elite directly all of this accomplished a masterful job to promote their pedophilia and shed itself of the Negroid race for the Latin which was more productive and more readily exploited.

George Stevens and every liberal though will couch all of this in "higher moral terms", as is always the scenario in  their warped minds. They are so much more intelligent, caring and evolved, that rape, deviant sex and the destruction of their "Christian enemy" all has accepted meaning, when it is finally grasping back all the emotional scar tissue of JFK, MLK, RFK......that they too could have their 1960's Obama started wars around the globe and they accomplished what Martin King could not in putting a fake Negroid into the White House, and made it all have meaning by sodomizing it.

This is the story though behind the sodomization of America and the forensic psychology behind the manipulation and transference. It is warped, it is twisted, and in a common era of not so long ago, it would be called what it is, sin.

Those are the facts and it is at this point that we return to the common end.

Nuff said