Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The One Man of Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a warning for the Club for Growth, and every establishment Republican, who are in the process to try and destroy Donald Trump.

The Lame Cherry reminds these rich elites, two names. Eric Cantor and John Boehner.

None of you GOP elite have any idea what Americans are dealing with or who Americans are. Your groups are the ones who have been mocking the very people who have been drawn to Donald Trump, in his giving them a voice.

Current "polling" shows Donald Trump at 30% of the GOP and winning at plus 50% in the national elections. What you GOP elite have not comprehended is that if you destroy, 20 million GOP voters are not going to vote for more of your McCain, Romney and Rubio strawmen.
So you understand this in your arrogance, you burn Donald Trump, and at this point, you are going to turn the Republican party and your "conservative" movement, into a marginalized 3rd party as the Whigs were, before the GOP gutted that party under Fremont and Lincoln, to become the Republican party which you have bastardized.

Donald Trump never said he was a Conservative. What Donald Trump is, is a Theodore Roosevelt Progressive in protecting Americans, protecting American interests and protecting America. That is a populist message and one which the establishment elite detested Mr. Roosevelt over in his Conservative Progressivism which created agencies like the Food and Drug Administration to protect Americans from the exploiters who fund your mansion lifestyles.

If you elite break Donald Trump, you break yourselves, just like George H. W. Bush did. You are not intelligent enough to realize that Conservatism of Ronald Reagan has been so bastardized in "this is your mind on Koch" that Rush Limbaugh is constantly bitching about poor people "eating" as is that is a crime.

I am going to stress something here so you get this, as none of you do in the elite. America is in a fury. It is only going to become worse as these tens of millions of invaders are dumped into our communities. Donald Trump is the glue which is going to hold America together. You remove Donald Trump, and put in your masking tape Rubios, Bushs or Cruzs and the entire thing comes apart in real Americans with a purpose are going to start acting out in violence, and as it spreads there is going to be an indigenous movement protecting these Patriots as in 1776, and when this becomes a reality, you will be facing a Robespierre Court of a screaming mob which is going to take your heads, or track you down to your enclaves overseas and administer justice there.

Donald Trump is you ignorance political bastard's salvation and you do not see it. So for David McIntosh of the Club and other shadowy political assassins, you think you can employ massive resistance? You have no idea what is out there which is going to be unleashed, because if Donald Trump is not there to save your stupid shit for brains lives, this entire mob is going to be doing all it can to hand you over to Hillary Clinton, as it moves to rid itself of the treacherous left now telling Americans to get out of their own states for invaders.

That is the choice in this. Donald Trump saves your lives, or the mob is going to arise and there is no place where you are going to be able to hide, exactly like in 1776 America and France.

There is a furious 40 million armed Americans out there in the right and the left, and they are observing all of this, and they are noting who is involved in these political games. Yes you elite, believe this is another game for another election,  but the mob judges this as their lives about to become genocide, and what you see as an election is a judgment in a court of the political militia which is on the move in America.

I would rather have you ignorant rich elite working for Donald Trump, as America would require the service, but if you destroy the one man of Donald Trump, you had better be prepared to kill over 40 million Americans to the last one, as that is what is the caldron behind Donald Trump.
You tried to spin away Donald Trump in your clever mind conditioning, and it did not prevail. You should note that warning signal, that the mob no longer believes you, and hates you like King George was loathed with as much fury. The American mind for Donald Trump has freed itself from all of your spin. It grew from the Tea Party, has matured under Donald Trump, and if you strike him down, he will not be there to stop this mob from striking at each of you 40 million times.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti mater. America is dead. The one man of Donald Trump is what holds this together for as long as he endures as he is America to the American fractured mob. End Donald Trump and there is none of you, no police state which can deal with 40 million individuals doing everything in their malevolent abilities to end each of you in the 1%.

.........and don't you think Rush Limbaugh that your clever Koch Brothers caller of  "Donald Trump is a celebrity like Barack Obama" went unnoticed in trying to manipulate your market share for that Canadian Ted Cruz.
Well George W. Bush hates Ted Cruz, and your tan skins of Cruz and Rubio, lurking around as political ghouls awaiting for the white men in Jeb Bush and Donald Trump to fall, so they can inherit 1600 Penn Avenue like their invader kindred are moving into American a reality that all of you billionaire fags have not yet understood. If it is not Donald Trump as the GOP nominee, and if Donald Trump is not in the White House, there will be militantism engulfing America in every community, and when the mob is done lynching the invaders, the mob is going to be tearing down your walls and coming at the adversaries you have become.