Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Savvy of George W. Bush

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In this private conversation here, I examine things which require working out as no one else is going to be Inspired to set the record straight.

I am reading at this moment the memoirs of President George W. Bush. I have no axe to grind with the former President as I know that he is not his brother Jeb, who I will never vote for. There is something which I have been postulating in trying to figure this Bush dynasty out, in how they could be so unaware of their surroundings as to the way the word really works, and human psyche really is.

I do not believe for a moment that George W. Bush is a stupid man. On the contrary, he is quick witted, an intellectual, a learned man and he has excellent one on one people skills. It never helps any situation to have liberals or Conservatives calling people "stupid" when they are not, because the ranter doing the charging is too stupid to take on the person.

What this expose' deals with is history. It is that history which George W. Bush studied and puts his faith in, that in time history will judge him correctly, from the present emotional bias.
History is all there is, and not how one interprets that history, but how the evidence reveals what that history really is.

George W. Bush's political ascendency began with the election of Governor to Texas, with the assistance of Karl Rove, who is famed as a great political architect. In reading Mr. Bush's memoirs, I came across the George W. Bush view of his victory in a democratic state, over the caustic Anne Richards.

George W. Bush, viewed this election as a process of having good policy points on education and crime, as that era saw an economic downturn from the oil years. He viewed the political endorsement of H. Ross Perot of Governor Richards as a non event, as endorsements rarely sway anyone. In that, this is what George W. Bush saw as why he won in Texas, in not making any blunders, campaigning hard, and meeting the people.

That though is not what won George W. Bush the Governorship and the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter will explain this.

One must return to that era, in President George H. W. Bush had been elected President by the Reagan base, and then destroyed that base. What arose was the Rockefeller candidate in Bill Clinton, with two other massive and dynamic presences on the political stage in Mario Cuomo of New York and Ann Richards of Texas, both Governors of powerful states, both caustic orators who breathed the fire of democratic rage.

Governor Richards provided the world raw meat at the Democratic Convention when she drawled out, "Poor George, he can't he'p it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth".

That played well with the voters, who HW had been suckered into betraying in democrats getting him to raise taxes to break HW's, "Read my lips, no new taxes" pledge.
HW was set up by Dan Rather to drive down the President's poll numbers and when Lawrence Walsh, the Special Prosecutor indicted Sec. of Defense Cap Wienberger 4 days before the election, that was it for HW as President.

Bill Clinton was the anti American candidate. He was an imoral, dope snorting, lying, cheating, military loathing and woman raping deviant. The press propped Clinton up and assisted him, when it was not helping Cuomo or Richards in the real democratic dream team of Cuomo and Richards for President.

At this point, you have to know Texas. Texas is a people which bore a psychic scar in John Kennedy being assassinated and one of their great own, becoming President in Lyndon Johnson.
The left drove Lyndon Johnson from office too and Texans embraced him as Texans take things personal.

George H. W. Bush was a transplant from the east, but he was seen as one of the Texans, as the Bush family was raised there. When Governor Richards, politically pissed on President Bush, it made great theater, but it also became a soiled wound for Texans when everything Texas was, was beaten by Bill Clinton, in the defeat of George W. Bush.

Ann Richards was at the top of her game, but the same events were about to embroil Governor Cuomo, as having an uber liberal in Bill and Hillary Clinton ruling America, was a bit too much for the peoples of liberal states, and a rejection process began.

That is what George W. Bush walked into. Everyone including his own Mother, thought he was going to lose. Karl Rove had no inkling of the political dynamics at work, and for that matter George W. Bush is still unaware of what won him the Governorship.
The election of George W. Bush, was simply Texans doing what Texans do. They were going to make things right. America rejected their George H. W. Bush, Ann Richards had belittled the President and was not being gracious, so Texans just decided that they would make things right in the best way they could, in they would put George W. Bush as their leader, to make amends to HW Bush for being booted out of the White House.

It had nothing to do with Karl Rove studying history in President Buchanan campaigns of going door to door. What it had to do with was Texans, feeling remorse over Bill Clinton being in the White House, while HW was aging away in exile in Texas.
George W. Bush did not give Texans a reason to vote against him, but Ann Richards had given them a reason to vote against her. Bill Clinton reminded everyone in Texas how much Ann Richards was joined at the hip with Clinton, and George W. Bush in the campaign reminded everyone how sorry they were for "poor George with the silver foot in his mouth".
A wound like that open every day and having Richard's salt and Clinton pointy sticks in it, puts any George W. Bush into office, even if he was in the grave.

It is in reviewing this historical account correctly, that I learned that George W. Bush is rather one dimensional in his political thinking. It proves that Karl Rove accomplished absolutely nothing and is why the two George W. Bush victories were disasters politically.

The Bush family really is that inept in understanding the American psyche, history or the present. The most inept of the group is Jeb Bush, as he failed in that Clinton era in pro GOP Florida to win there on the same election night, when his brother, George W. Bush had embarked upon a winning path that he failed to comprehend why he was winning.

That is the source of the historical rise of George W. Bush. It was Texas guilt. A memory of John F. Kennedy shot on their soil and Lyndon Johnson abandoned by America, as much as George H.W. Bush losing a sure thing. Coupled together, both generations of Texans, voted for the son, as Texans could not have a do over for HW Bush.

I leave this historical reality now to the pages of the Lame Cherry in exclusive matter anti matter exclusives which no one else will shed light upon in Inspiration.

This was the political world of George W. Bush. There was no genius of Karl Rove. There was no political savvy of George W. Bush. Mr. Bush was simply a man of buyer's remorse in Texas, and a national buyer's remorse for Bill Clinton, as Americans sought penance for booting out HW Bush for Bill Clinton.
America got rid of daddy HW for the exciting deviant Bill, went on a spending spree, had a Dotcom bust, and like Catholics on Saturday night confessional, thought it would all be forgiven if they just put HW's son into the White House.

That is the political gift which George W. Bush was born into, in a man of his age, which no one else could have taken advantage of, and Mr. Bush did not either, as he had no comprehension of the national political dynamic of America to balance the scales for the Bush family.

This is the savvy of George W. Bush.