Monday, October 5, 2015

the star lord of the children of lights


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So in winter, Orion rises in the east at 7 PM, while in the autumn Orion rises at 4 AM.

Interesting in the southern constellation can be moved by earth axis tilt, 15 hours.

To find Orion in early winter, look southeast.  You will easily find three stars that are lined up in a row.  These are the stars in Orion’s belt.  If you look to the lower right of the belt, you will come to a bright white star.  This is Rigel which forms Orion’s knee.  If you look to the upper left of the belt, you’ll find a bright orange star.  This star is Betelgeuse, which some refer to as “Beetlejuice”.  Congratulations!  You’ve just identified Orion.  From here, it is easy to find other major winter constellations.

Orion, the Hunter, is accompanied by two hunting dogs – Canis Major which includes the Sirius (the Dog Star) and Canis Minor which includes the star, Procyon.  Finding Sirius is easy.  It is the brightest star in the winter night sky.  Follow the line of Orion’s belt to the the left.  You won’t miss it.  Sirius makes up the head of Canis Major, the Great Dog.  Directly above Sirius is Procyon.  To find it using Orion, locate the two stars that make up Orion’s shoulders and follow the line they create to the first bright star you find.  That is Procyon.  Now you’ve found both of Orion’s hunting dogs!

Now that you’ve gotten good at using Orion as your guide, it’s time to find Gemini.  Follow the line that is formed between Rigel and Betelgeuse upwards.  You will come to two lines of stars that are capped by two brighter stars.  These are the twin stars Pollux (to the left) and Castor (to the right).
To find the Pleiades, or the  Seven Sisters, follow Orion’s belt to the right.  You will pass just below a bright star called Aldebaran and see a small group of stars that form the Pleiades.

If you go back and locate Aldebaran, you will see a small group of five stars close by.  This group is the main part of  Taurus the Bull.

The last constellation to find on our journey is Auriga, or the Charioteer.  This constellation is to the left of Taurus and can be found by lining up the left-most star in Orion’s belt with the bottom-most star in Orion and follow it upwards.  You will see a very bright star.  This star is called Capella which makes up the top of Auriga.

I have never had the time to deal with the moon's wanderings. She is a wanderer who belongs to the northwest in rising at twilight in the late autumn and early winter. So many things in the teapot in the south in summer, and the sister which appear like Orion early and late.

Six hours of light to 13 hours of light, still does not abacus the depths of this, as the hunter does not move in position, but only the time moves.

He comes in morning.
He comes in night
He rises dawn
He rises twilight.

Orion is the Christ of the sky. The menagerie of stars in all God's mystery and secrets. It is the best of times to awake in the night, and go wander about as all the human buzz is gone. It is just the stars not speaking as the din of earth has silenced them.
The Milky Way of all and in a universe no one is there to see.

It is too bad that Babygirls are in school and Vikings are in the Hjmekost all day and sleep is the cradle which holds all.

I believe I am going to take possession from the Lord of the hours 2 until 5 as mine.  I will be the star lord of the children of lights.

Mine in Jesus Name Amen and Amen