Saturday, October 24, 2015

When Jebro was a Hero


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not really want to examine the military record of George W. Bush, as viewed from his Decision Points memoirs or from Robert Redford's fiction portraying Dan Rather, for they are two separate issues.

One is  an issue of W's illusions and the other are the illusions generated by the Bush campaign to get Dan Rather in their running feud.

First, the memos of George W. Bush are not going to be debated on fonts or whatever, nor in Salon diatribes or whoever is still championing Bush43 as Jebro.

The Truth of what Forgegate and W Service lies somewhere in the fiction of what people think they want to believe. The Lame Cherry is going to set this to rest, or at least provide you with a semblance of facts, so you will stop being led around by this nonsense.

What you need to understand is Vietnam was a war then. Young rich white men, went to college to get the hell out of being killed, like Bill Clinton, got a door stop job like Al Gore, or threw grenades into piles of rice to self inflict wounds for Purple Heart discharges like John Kerry did, trying to morph into John Kennedy.

Everyone was trying to get out of service. Some went to Canada, and the connected rich ones who could not be guaranteed an Al Gore or Colin Powell affirmative action job, went into the National Guard.

The Guard was a joke to the Pentagon. No one wanted these bird brains anywhere near a combat unit. They were called Weekend Warriors, and that is where George W. Bush got himself installed into, in a "being like daddy Bush41" as a hero pilot in World War II.

W served in Texas. He attended flight training as he was supposed to, but around the middle of his mandatory service, he decided like the air head he was, to change careers and go to work for the political campaign of a man named Blount in Alabama. So W ended up in Bama, and was assigned to a base there.

Cutting through the bullshit in this on both sides is the one fact, and that was George W. Bush was a fucking drunk. Blount lost the election badly and W was filling his time trashing a place he rented, was into sports, bragged about drinking like a funnel, and was never seen in uniform by his girlfriend of the time.

Understand this, Bush was a political appointment. It was Nixon era, and Bush's old man was connected to the GOP power elite. If some fuck up kid was fucking up and not showing up for duty, then the commanding officer understood not to report the fuck up, as that is what the Guard was was for rich kid fuck ups whose powerful parents would send Guard commanders to Vietnam to get jungle rot.
For some reason that reality is lost on Salon and other liberals like Robert Redford. It is semantics. Quid pro quo. Baby sit my rich brat, let him fuck bama chics, let him bust up cottages, let him get drunk like Otis from Mayberry, and pay no attention to the fuck up, and let him be someone elses problem in time.

So George W. Bush, having the war in Vietnam winding down, ambled back to Texas to fly around the base, appear in uniform, and then decide he had better things to do than serve his full tour of duty, went off to Harvard, got a sweetheart transfer to a non operational guard unit in Denver, which was kept on the books for rich connected kids right and left, and was honorably discharged, without fulfilling his duty, and should have been called up to active service........but when your old man is head of the CIA, and directing Mockingbird, in being a stooge of the elite, your kid gets the pass like Obama gets a pass as a black man.

That about is it for the time when Jebro, the brother of Jeb Bush was a hero, as he never was. At that period in George W. Bush's existence he drank like a drunk, because he was one. He failed to take a mandatory physical, because he had something to hide.......who the hell knows what that was really. Perhaps like Bill Clinton he was suffering from crusty cock from fucking Cuban or Nigger whores down south. He needed that cleared up, and did not want that on his permanent military record. That is conjecture, but that is what most air jocks suffered from, and overseas they got an ass full of shaving cream for penicillin as a non cure,   and had to either bribe a doctor or nurse for a cure.

The more I delve into who George W. Bush was, beyond the political fiction, the more I really find this person as candidate Blount's  son said in, "I didn't like him".

The thing is if Dan Rather would have ran the story by me, I could have saved Dan his job from Bush intrigue, as the garbage that Rather was pushing for John Kerry, was nothing compared to the real story, but it would have at least let Dan keep his job, and at least would have neutralized Kerry and Bush on the military Swift Boat issue.

Where I come from in this, is the real US Military and Soldiers who served deserve respect, because they served. You can peal potatoes or empty shitters, but you serve because there are other people who are put in harm's way, so you owe it to them, to at least show up and complete your tour as  there are numbers of dead kids who would have loved to have had that slot in some Guard unit, and they would not have been fucking bama bimbos or catching whore scabs on their dicks.
Inquiry says Gonorrhea.

Yes if Dan Rather had donated to this blog, we could have worked out a much better storyline, not to redeem Dan, but to show George W. Bush for the Jebro he was. There is not one of you reading this who honestly can not connect the dots on the above facts as have been published  to what was really going on here.
George W. Bush went guard to save his ass. The war wound down and daddy was in the government, so George could fuck up and be immune to court martial, and he could serve in non active duty units and get a discharge instead of being ordered into active combat duty.

Was George W. Bush an almost hero once? Yeah he wondered about going Vietnam, but his commander was there to protect the Gung Ho from his own patriotism in saying he did not have the right training for combat, and other kids were meant to die, not those born with silver spoons. After that George did what George always did, he crawled into a bottle and in Texas he amused himself as a "volunteer" for ghetto kids as that crap looked good on the record for future ascensions to power.

The tragedy of all of this is, George and George could have just retired in epitaph legacy, remembered to history as good men, but Jeb Bush infuriated the right base, and that started picking all of these scabs off to the ruin of the Bush dynasty.

It was the most stupid of Jeb Bush miscalculations, that he did not have one of his fag billionaires donate a few million to the Lame Cherry, as I would have been out fishing walleyes and not bothering with all of this. All of these fools invested in the wrong power players who brought their doom.

Nuff said