Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Yes Mr. Trump, "Let us get the hell out of here!"


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I never post things which are what you can read, as puking up vomit of others, is not serving any of you with a correct way of looking a things.

By now you should have come to the conclusion that the CNBC Jebfest has become a Jebfestering, as Jeb got the questions, Donald Trump was censored like the Lame Cherry blog, and the two Latins were the featured bookends in "Does she or doesn't she, only her doctor knows if her hair color is real for sure".

Observe the Drudge Report mind spin.

NBC like all the media was left hanging to be knocked out of the ballpark......yeah the insider Jebcavers of he cartel knew this and took advantage to the scripts prepared for them.


Jeb Calls for Rubio to Resign... Rubio Destroys Jeb

What is to watch in this is the Jeb Bush death watch. The Weekly Standard is Mockingbird to steer all of you for the billionaire fags. In a clearly defined insiders take down of Jeb, they focused on what a wimp Jeb Bush was, and how Marco Rubio kicked the shit out of the NBC stooges and Jeb Bush.

The Weekly Standard in pure racism, used the term Jeb’s Dead: Adiós Amigo

The fag insiders, meaning those called the "neo cons" are pushing their Latino Cubano of Rubio in the last debate as a VP for Jeb in the September debate, with their fat boy gun grabber Christie and Fiorina as their skirt vote.

The Winners: Rubio, Bush, Christie, and Fiorina

In reality though, the end October debate, once again reflects exactly what the September Trump debate revealed in Donald Trump speaking or censored by the media, won the debate, because Mr. Trump is who America has chosen.

I ask you to compare the numbers in the Drudge Poll, to what the Lame Cherry published as the REAL POLL NUMBERS of Ben Carson and Mr. Trump BEFORE THE DEBATE.

Exclusively I informed all of you that Ben Carson is polling at 3% nationally and not the POLLGATE numbers in the thirty percent range. By God's Grace I posted Rubio was at 3%, Cruz was the closest contender to Mr. Trump at 23% nationally.

You will notice my numbers are clocking close to the Drudge Poll, but you must understand that the fagtards for Bush, are not Drudge trollers, so their votes would not register. What you see for these numbers is the Lame Cherry in actual numbers is blessed more to what America is trending than the fiction of Ben Carson's Pollgate fraud.

Thank you for voting!

What the trending of this is, is to try like Hillary Clinton to have Jeb filibuster the did not work, any more than it did for Hillary in Sanders and Webb won the voters hearts. That has failed. The fagtard media is throwing Jeb Bush to the chaparral canyons. The Cuban and the Canadian are now what you are supposed to your Paul Ryan or the third trimester of the Obama Boehner sexual union is to betray you in the House.

Donald Trump is winning and holding stronger than ever as the American chosen leader. Ted Cruz following his script in hammering the media, got a spike in acting like the Taco version of Mr. Trump, and voters liked that script who have been bed hopping between Fiorina, Carson and Rubio, as they have not submitted to the Donald Trump who will govern them to freedom. They are afraid of being liberated from the Obama Boehner gulag.

Jeb Bush is road kill and ready to bloat up. The fagtards want a latin lover in Rubio, but those fickle GOP'ers do not want sex with a boy face Rubio giving them acne, and instead want Don Juan Cruz to potatoe their ole'.

That is what is interesting most in this. Jeb Bush has become the focal point on the right of all the slights and humiliations generated by him, W and HW, and whatever else laughed at their little penis in phy ed or their fat asses in tent skirts. The same fury is out there for Hillary Clinton. All it requires is a crack in the armour and all that Huma comes unctioning out.

What this has taught us is this, Donald Trump is America's choice, and no matter in Pollgate Carson crimes, Mockingbird media censorship or smears, or the promotion of hot tamales for your taco shell.......Donald Trump wins and keeps increasing in strength.

"Let's get the hell out of here", is the epitaph to the debates and has been the neutron bomb on the FOX end time debate. No one cares for the manipulation and everyone cares about Donald Trump. As Patriot Frosty Wooldridge stated, "I am voting for Donald Trump. There is nothing they can do or say to change my mind about that."

That is the reality of the Donald Trump 3rd Debate victory. He is the El Cid. Donald Trump wins whether he is on the field or not in battle, because his presence wins.

Nuff said