Monday, November 30, 2015

Don't Spirit so close to Me

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is the most interesting thing in most religions, that most of them spend hours in a day being devout. Muslims pray five times. They suicide bomb for their allah. The Jews have Wailing Walls and special dress. The Catholics have an entire regime at work called the Vatican. The Hindu and Buddhist both search for becoming god in them, as to present themselves enlightened on the other side of death.

Yet in each of these cases, we find in them a protest, which the Catholic John Paul II, summed up in this quote.

"Didn't Christ perhaps become "a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to the Gentiles" (I Corinthians 1:23)? Precisely because He called God His Father; because He revealed Him so openly in Himself, He could not but elicit the impression that it was too much...... Man was no longer able to tolerate such closeness, and thus the protests began.

This great protest has precise names - first it is called the Synagogue, and then Islam. Neither can accept a God who is so human. "It is not suitable to speak of God in this way", they protest. "He must remain absolutely transcendent; He must remain pure Majesty. Majesty full of mercy, certianly, but not to the point of paying for the faults of His own creatures, for their sins".

- Pope John Paul II
Pages 40 - 41
If God exists why is He hiding?
Crossing the Threshold of Hope

The above is brilliant, and built up on the centuries of the Catholic theologians and teachings, as they search for God, but yet the Vatican is the first stumbling block to Catholics in saying that people need a shield from God in the Vicar of Rome. The human race is a people demanding attention and confirmation from God that He Is, and when the Father presents the evidences from nature, from physics, from science, from miracles, to moving the very heart of a person in conscience, the entire mass of human begins protesting, denying, murdering and yes, demanding more evidence, as God revealing Himself is never enough, as people in reality are  a creation moved to search out God, but to never believe in that God, except from Faith in the heart, instead of proofs in the mind.

What really does Islam give a billion people? Their masses are miserable and poor. They have to resort to war and murder to intimidate everyone. Islam is a sledge hammer that punishes the majority while the elite few have billions in wealth.

Jewry has shown itself to be a predatory group, whose Ashkenaz financiers promote anti semitic reactions, to herd the Jewish mob into voting blocks or to make excuse in how Jewry may exploit those not like them.

It does not matter whether it is the Vatican in being learned, Hindu or Buddhism in enlightenment, Marxism is shared misery and poverty, or satanism in their manta of evil is really good, as the devil warns you before it murders you for not submitting to it.

All protest, and the Protestants have a history of too many cooks spoiling that stew. Baptists violate the Lord's Supper in substituting grape juice for wine. Methodists put sodomites in the pulpit. Lutherans seem to initiate new ways of trying to be the runner up whores of Babylon as they become one with the false messiah Barack Hussein Obama in faith based invasion of America.

Barack Obama was the ultimate world protest against God. The messiah, the halo head, the "god", was made lord of peace by a Nobel Prize, and all he has accomplished is making war, in order for his group to grab more filthy lucre across the globe. There is no pleasure in this for the Obama regime, for as Paris ran with the blood of the French in terror attacks, from the very terrorists which the Obama regime trained and armed for Syrian genocide, Barack Obama's focus was upon his real enemy, a political party called Republicans in America, who had been enabling and passing every piece of Obama criminal law. Barack Obama by hook and crook, too everything he every desired or wanted, including his image, and after years of that murderous thieving success, there is still nothing but protest.
That is but a glimpse of the anti Christ, for the same protest will abound in new gods to follow and to simply make humans their own gods to worship themselves.......the very person most people hate and refuse to face worst in themselves, is who satan is deceiving people to worship. That person's worst enemy in themselves is who most people worship most.

Where did the design of people come from? God stated that He created people in His own Image. People are physical replicas of a human form. This though is too much for most humans, who claim to be so devout and enlightened in either trying to mould God into their image or throwing God aside for their own thoughts, that it is just too much for humanity, when God, the Father, a Being so dynamic, that His Thoughts are a Creative Force of Life in a Person, like a human has thoughts and emotions, and that His Presence is so alive that this too is a Person, like a human in body form, that through all of this Creative Force, God was moved to make a living form of Himself to change from physical to Spiritual, the first of Whom is the very Creative Thought of God in Jesus the Christ, and when God introduced Himself to the world, the world carried out a murder of God's human form, because these people were all terrified of God being so near to them, as they could not face the rebellion in themselves.

God pointed out their faults, and Jesus pointed out that those faults did not matter, because Jesus would take on those faults, to make people perfect in God's Eyes again, but instead of accepting the fault and the perfection, the people have made nothing but spiritual warfare on God in trying to replace God with a salvation of their own, which has since 33 AD caused millions of dead, hundreds of wars and an even greater protest within humanity to keep chopping off parts of themselves, they will finally find a god to suit their misery.

That is the fact of the protest of humanity against God being close to them. Humans want to suffer for being the delingquents they are in finding a punishment that fits their miserable hearts, instead of accepting forgiveness from God and being at peace.

This is the din of the protest of humanity. It is not the bravery of a Judas Iscariot in murdering himself, but instead seeking out ways for some police state or war to murder them, to end their misery, of the God they demand did answer their demands in making Himself known to them, but they are too terrified to accept God not only on earth, but living in their hearts.

This Witness closes on that teaching. You do not make God in your image, but accept that God made you in His image, and only by God being with you and in you, will that image ever be perfected, as your protesting God is a conviction of just how much each of you really need God.