Tuesday, November 17, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Awhile back I was posting something live on Blogspot and I happened to mention the German, and immediately TL's computer which is on the same ISP had problems in things started to show up in German. The links were gone and nothing would load.

That started me contemplating just who was behind this latest criminal attack, so I decided to inquire as it might be a good place to start with the creeper who was being exposed in having a little dick in Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.

I was fascinated to prowl about the Facebook ether, to learn that there is not a human behind the freaking generating from that complex, but that it is AI, or Artificial Intelligence.
This Freakware, which is a Lame Cherry exclusive is not something hidden in the rectal bowels of Facebook, but is just housed inside the main complex.

All corporations monitor cookies or the information of sites you visit. You can tell the worst of the marketers in when you visit their sites, and that is all you get targeted at you on Drudge. This is beyond that though as I have not been on Facebook, since being illegally censored off that site. You must get this as it is highly doubtful that Microsoft, Google or Amazon "share" information with another of the NSA conglomerates, but that each has the central hub complex of information, which each delivers information to, and each then monitors what is taking place on their servers. There are boundaries, but what Facebook is up to, is something that the hackers have developed as was featured on one of those NCS programs.
There was a chinagirl on that program who had developed an open door program which hitched off of something like Facebook where the chinagirl was retaliating on some kid in school she did not like. The program was exploited as it then opened the door to every person attached to this kid's smartphone, as in her dad who worked of the Department of Defense.

Guy mentioned the keylogging which was taking place on my computers from Facebook, but this is something beyond this. This is a trojan that has advanced capabilities to Freak, or as it is defined here, Freakware is designed to monitor computers in a series from an ISP, utilizing a link in from the NSA off the Wifi carriers and then performing a malicious attack on other major servers to change the settings of the user there.
In short so you get this, so you understand how major this is...TL was on a major selling site which TL's settings and information was changed. I had just typed something about the German asking about the Berliner Boys, and immediately it changed the pages to German on TL's computer, as I was typing away.
As stated, this attack arose from exposing what a perv Mark Zuckerberg is, in another of this crimes against humanity.

So you get this mix. You have Mark Zuckerberg, minded by the Chinagirl with dumpling in the pot, Zuckerberg in league with one of the worst hacking fraternities in the world in the PLA, linked directly into the NSA, and in all of that Facebook has an AI, an Artificial Intelligence monitoring not cookies, but people they deem enemies of the Facebook estate.

You have to understand this, in one just does not cause a netquake on the worldwide web, without the NSA having red alerts going off. There are monitors for this in activity logs. Meaning Sprint spies on everyone for the NSA. Sprint logs every user and knows what additional users are running piggyback off of someone being monitored.
Sites like Amazon know if settings are being changed from the inside, and not from TL's computer. All of that information is known.....and yet there is an instance of Facebook having an AI freaking people, and none of this is showing up on the radar.

Project this out from Hillary Clinton's email server designed to be an open port in the US government secure computer network. We hear stories often in the press in China being blamed for hacking, when it is not China at corporations which are at odds with the Obama regime.
What this all adds up to, is the worldwide web is being freaked by programs in artificial intelligence being run out of the mainframes like Facebook.

You do recall that Facebook's servers kept going down, and this was offshore retaliation from the IDF. Does anyone believe that the brilliant minds who created STUXNET and FUXNET, that they could not produce a program riding inside an Artificical Intelligence, which has the NSA brand on it, logging as Facebook generated,  which uses the criminal element of Facebook malicious software as a cover, and it is opening the doors to everything on the planet.

That is the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. Call this Freakgate, and that creeper Mark Zuckerberg should be arrested for all of this terrorism, like all his other terrorism.

Nuff said.