Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Horizon Visuals


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have never understood sunsets and sunrises in what attracted people to them. They just seemed like a waste of time in the sun is bright blinding you and I had better things to do than being tired at dusk or dawn looking at the horizon wasting time.

This apparently has been a burden I have carried my entire life which I did not know, as it was a frustration in not understanding what it was all about.

That is why I deeply appreciate the Holy Ghost talking to me. God makes things easy and it is one of the few things that brings tears to my Spirit in me, in when God takes the time out to say something to me, in educating me in the ignorance I am.

So I am outside and looking at the sky, as I do those things in looking for boogermen, and the Holy Ghost does the Zip Packet as He always does with me. I do not get long speeches like Moses got or Jesus on the Sermon on the Mount, I seem to get just ONE WORD.

This time it was COLORS.

It all unwrapped in Spirit as it always does in I knew exactly what I was ignorant and blind to. People like sunsets and sunrises, because of the colors. People are visual creatures, and in an age when all you had were crappy paints that could never capture the colors which God creates thousands of times in sunsets and sunrises a cross the globe. Not even the internet can match God, but paint programs come close.

I had assumed it was some serenity or love stuff, but it is about visual stimulation in colors like Christmas lights flashing. I do not have as much disdain for horizon events as I did before. God showed us a high arc rainbow, which was interesting in the tilt of the earth in last season, produced this drawn back bow (yes might be a sign from God) and the end literally was bathing the neighbors trees in colored light, like a special effects event. Light was ultra violent focused too......any way, I am thankful God's Holy Ghost explained things to me about sunsets and sunrises in setting me free.

Think that about wraps this up.