Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pope a Dope

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a fact that Catholic Faithful must be emancipated from the Vatican as the Papacy retards the Spiritual growth of the Faithful.

For the Catholic, there is an awe about the Pope, and it is designed this way, and reinforced by every Priest, because that is how they glean and maintain their power over the people in their churches. None of this is meant as an attack on the Catholic Faithful, but is the reality all of them know to obey their leader. In that, is the reality that IT IS BETTER TO OBEY GOD AND NOT MAN.

Jesus the Christ is the One Person who every person must obey to obtain the Grace of Eternal Life. THERE IS ONLY ONE NAME GIVEN AMONG MEN, THAT IS CHRIST THE LORD, WHEREBY WE MUST BE SAVED.

It is the most absolute blasphemy against God and thee most absolute insult to any person, to have a man in Rome, termed the Vicar of Christ. Christ needs nor ever advocated in any of His teachings the need for a Vicar. No man acts for Christ. Christ is the fulfillment of the Law and the Gospel.

What started this Witness here was a question which was published in Crossing the Threshold of Hope from Vitorio Missori, an Italian Journalist of the Catholic regligion, for in that question is the apostasy against the True Church of Jesus the Christ who is all of those who believe in Him for their Salvation.

The Vitorio quote:

"I would like to take the liberty to ask you to share with us, at least in part, the secret of your heart. Given the conviction that within you - as within every Pope - lives the mystery which is believed in faith, the following question automatically arises:
How can you bear such a weight, which, in human terms, is almost unbearable? No man on earth, not even the highest religious leaders, has a comparable responsibility. No one is placed in such a close relationship with God.
Your Holiness how does one address Jesus?"

As a Christian this question is stunning to me. It is based in a false teaching that the Pope somehow is greater than all other religious people in the world, in for some reason never mentioned in the Bible has the greatest of all burdens in being more responsible than everyone else, because the Pope is the person on this planet who is closest to God.

None of that is ever mentioned, even of St. Peter, who was given the "keys to the Kingdom of Heaven" as Vitorio says the Pope inherited through apostolic succession (again another false teaching never made Law by Christ). The fact is the keys are not some lordship or governance over the Church. That is what a satanically deceived power worshiper would conclude, but the KEYS TO THE KINGDOM in the context of what Jesus was saying, is the fact that Peter confessed that Jesus Christ is Lord, the Son of God, the Messiah, Who came to Redeem those who confess Him. Those are the Keys to the Kingdom of God. You are admitted to God by that teaching, by inserting that Confession into the only Door, Jesus the Christ, and by that are you allowed to enter into the Kingdom of God.
That is what Jesus stated, and Jesus never handed over lordship to Peter or any one else, as there is only one Lord, one High Priest, and that is Jesus the Christ.

The prayers of any Christian are heard by God equally. God is an unlimited gazillion points of light, and each one of us is plugged into Him, and in that way He personally in being so multi faceted is capable of being in one on one contact with each of us. There is not any statement from God, "I am talking to the Pope now and all of you have to wait, as the Pope is first in line and all of you get shoved to the back". God hears all instantly and responds instantly.
St. James teaches that the "prayers of a Righteous man availeth much", and indeed they do, for Elijah prayed for a drought and one appeared. God though hears a sinner confessing their sins with equal earnestness and attention though in, "Forgive me God for I have sinned".

To those given much, much will be required, from being rich in not helping the poor with great contributions to being able to work in a job available and your taking welfare in stealing from a nation to a priest getting in the way of any person's right to direct contact with God.

All of this reminds me of a used car dealer, who bought cars online, and jacked up the prices as he sold them to rich people. He told TL and myself, that he had cancer, but was so pleased that the Bishop was praying for him personally in the Catholic religion.
I told TL afterwards as this scammer lied to us, "He probably would not have cancer is he was not such a crook".
In that though is the false witness of the Catholic. They think that some Pope, Cardinal, Bishop holds some greater power with God, and that if you are rich car salesman, you can pay them off to get on a prayer list, as that is what the Vatican money gathering system is all about.

It stuns me in all of this, because I was taught by my Mom as most people to say my prayers every night. This is the prayer I prayed until I was old enough in the Holy Ghost's direction to stop reciting prayers and start talking with God. That revelation from the Holy Ghost was very hard for the child of 10 I was in having my sins not only pointed out to me, but my absolute conscience awakening to my sins.

"God bless us all. Keep my well and strong. Thank you for dying on the cross for me, in Jesus Name. Amen."

The Father seeks all to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. You come to Faith by hearing or reading the Word of God. You then confess your sins to try and not do them ever again and profess Jesus as your Savior.
When you do that, the Holy Angels in Heaven rejoice over your journey to grow Spiritually in coming home. That prayer is as powerful as any, and has more Joy than any a Pope would pray.

It does stun me in reading false teachings where a Pope is placed before me, as God has never placed anyone before me in speaking with Him. He would never do that. I am peculiar in having various things I do need to be taught, things like patience, humility etc... due to imperfections in me, so I have had to have others intercede for me. That does hurt, but it is a reality, and I soothe myself in the reality, that I care not in anything, such as God bringing TL and I together, if it was never a prayer like Hezekiah's to be puffed up about, because is what matters is TL and I are together.
God is Faithful and True. He constantly provides and performs miracles for me, many times in just having a passing thought of a need.

All of us have Gifts. Some Churches specialized in opening barron wombs. Some people are Gifted with having the Healing Power of Christ work through them. It does not mean they are ahead of the Pope or behind the Pope. It simply means that when God is utilizing a Prophet you go to a Prophet as Naaman the Assyrian did and when you want water into wine, Mother Mary sent the servants to Jesus, not the High Priest in the Temple.

Catholics require emancipation from the Vatican as most Christians do from their clergy. I had a clergy tell me he could not be my pastor unless he gave me communion. No one gets in between me and Christ. I want Communion, I administer it myself as every Christian has that Authority in Christ. If you ever let anyone get in between you and Jesus, that is where the devil will be, to lead you to your destruction. We have One Advocate with the Father and that is Christ the Lord.
Jesus Christ said, "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden for I will give you rest". There never was any go to Peter or wait around for Pope to open the door for you. Jesus calls to each individual to COME as He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

The Pope has much to be responsible for and it is not for Good. Each Pope is going to answer for idolotry in those icons, going to answer for necromania in worshiping the dead, and each Pope is going to answer for lying to the Faithful in getting in the way of each person's personal relationship with Christ.
The one point in this Witness which I always make as Christ taught, is I never put barriers nor make it hard for people to come to Christ, because I am not ever going to have to answer for keeping any Christian or sinner from coming to God, in making it a series of complicated nonsense which no one could fulfill.

TL's parent always focused on "proof in witnesses", because he lacked Faith to believe. That kind of dogma will be his Judgment, because Christ will require of him "proof" he is saved, as it is not a matter of Faith in Christ. For the intellectual caught in that trap or anyone taught that and chained by that, you had better repent, as for every "proof" you have of how wonderful you are, there are a 1000 confessions of what a horrid person you are in how you offended people.

Jesus made this all simple to respond to Him. He moves you in your heart, and you answer Him. It is always and will always be, just between you and Christ. Your sincere prayer is in most cases more attune to God in Spirit and Truth than any Pope appearing with sins he is couching in his heart deceiving others.

Pray without ceasing, we are taught, and not, let the Pope pray because he is between you and God.

Listen, Pray, Confess, Grow in the Spirit, and be One with Your Father in Heaven in a relationship which He wants with you. You have one Father in Heaven, and no need for a Pope on earth. God hears you every time, good or bad. It is always about God and you.