Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Presidential Medal of Do Nothing

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Apparently the image of Birther Hussein Obama Chin is embarrassed in having two elections stolen for him, having white liberals do all the work of him, and being given that Nobel Prize for doing nothing, as the image awarded the type of people that Obama looks up short, the list were people who have never accomplished a thing by "make believe" and a thrown in duo to try and make it look like these awards were not like handing out diplomas to Affirmative Action losers.

Here is the list:

Babs Streisand: She sings and people outside of New York do not know why she is popular.

Steven Spielberg: He makes shitty movies that appeal to people with shit for brains.

Willie Mays: Played a child's game well.

James Taylor: Hippie singer who was doped up and fucked out while Americans died in Vietnam.

Izthak Perlman: Could not play blue grass music.

Gloria Estafan: Another singer of the Latin invasion.

Stephen Sondheim: Wrote songs.

Yogi Bera: Dead kid's game manager

Barbara Mikulski: Ugly old broad who was in the Senate

Shirley Chisholm: Bitchy Afroid in Congress

Katherine Johnson: Old broad who did math figuring out what German Nazi's already knew in trajectories.

Peggen Frank: Some squaw of some buck.

Bonnie Carroll: Assisted survivors maimed by Obama terrorists.

Laurie Yasui: Her Jap old man was a lawyer using American law against FDR's curfew for Japs in WWII.

William Ruckelshaus: Tree hugger.

I mean for shit sakes. Could you find a list of more unworthy turd brains to award anything to? Awards should be given to Heroes, meaning people who put their life in jeopardy in battle or protecting Americans.

For a list of people who should have got medals, how about:

George Zimmerman for protecting his community.

How about that Ferguson Missouri cop who shot that Giant trying to murder him.

What about Andrew Breitbart in being assassinated.

I am not going to make a long list, because lists should be short, not a list of every fucking moron you are a fan of. I like Damien Lewis, but I ain't going to give him a damn medal for acting.

I mean Ronald Reagan gave the award to President Anwar Sadat of Egypt after he was assassinated by Muslims, and to Eunice Kennedy Schriver for her advocacy for the Mentally Retarded. That is the kind of people who deserve awards, not people you would like to shoot because they are obamatard.

All this means to me is one thing, and that is, I no longer ever want a Presidential Freedom Medal, along with a Nobel Prize, as they are worthless once Obama associated with them.