Friday, November 20, 2015

Ted Cruz using Breitbart Mailing List


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I was wondering why Breitbart was referring to me as "Ted" in an email, so I opened it up expecting a ply for money, and sure as hell, it was a plea for money, but a cozy plea from Breitbart directly from Ted Cruz. Apparently, Breitbart is directly using their mailing list to raise funds for Ted Cruz.

Besides this being unprincipled, it explains why in hell every Breitbart poll had Ted Cruz leading everyone. The minders who took over Breitbart, when Andrew was assassinated on a California street, have literally been in stealth pushing Cruz with fake polling data and more to the point, Ted Cruz and the Mrs. are Rockefeller obliterate America, for CanAmeriMex.

Now you know what Breitbart really stands for as they are herding you and lying to you.

Re: Dropping out

Breitbart News (
Fri 11/20/2015 8:41 PM

Breitbart Special Message
  Hi Friend,

Ted just emailed (below) asking me for an update on whether or not we are going to reach our goal before time is up...

I haven't emailed him back yet because as of now we're more than $500,000 shy with just days to go.

If we don't catch up quickly, I'll have to tell him that we're going to miss our goal. AND with Jindal dropping out of the race for lack of funds, I don't want us to come up short too!

I just checked our records, Friend, and it looks like you haven't had a chance to stop and chip in this month.

Now's the time.

If you already responded or our emails have crossed on the web...please forgive me.

Besting this fundraising deadline is absolutely critical to keeping Senator Cruz in the race for president.

If you give $35 now, it is worth more than $100 later on...

Follow this link to donate >>>

Thank you,
Lauren Lofstrom

National Finance Director
Cruz for President
Cruz For President

----Forwarded Message----
Date: Friday, Nov. 20th, 2015
Subject: dropping out

Lauren - Bobby Jindal dropped out this week.

Can you get me a quick update on where we stand with our end of month goal? Jindal dropped out of the race b/c he was short on funds - that underscores how important it is that we don't come up short in 10 days.

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This is smarmy, slimy and unethical. What would one expect though from the ghouls at Breitbart, backing ghoul Cruz, waiting around for Donald Trump to got tits up, and celebrating that Indian Bobby Jindal is DOA.
The only good news is, is the fact that Cruz for all his Texas billionaire buyers, is short on cash......meaning he is not getting money from small donors, in that too is another election fraud criminality.

You people who are backing Cruz, had better understand what the above means in how Cruz has already crossed the line on legalities, and how Breitbart has absolutely no journalistic integrity. This Mockingbird propaganda outlet just misused a mailing list, because Ted Cruz is massive financial trouble. You hear about how Jeb Bush has shot his wad, well children, Ted Cruz is gone broke too!!!!

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.