Monday, November 16, 2015

The Cherrywood Reporter


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not take any delight in being correct in the inquiry concerning Charlie Sheen being the phantom sick guy as was broken here. I like his acting. I like his old man's acting in Martin Sheen, and about the only thing I don't like about Charlie Sheen is his no talent brother Emilio Estevez.......but then I like Emilio too, because he is Charlie Sheen's brother.

Charlie Sheen is a man who has found ways to burn the candle twelve ways past the middle. I hope someday that he has a saving Grace with Christ and can leave behind all the things that never satisfy him. I hope that his old man someday becomes a gun carrying, right winger too, as I just like the work that this family does at acting. It is not often that you run into a Barrymore clan of really good actors who appeal to the masses, unlike that Redgrave outfit from England.

I had even considered in hope of finding a way to hook up with Charlie Sheen for a new series I was working on. He would be just the thing for it, and has the talent to do just about anything like his dad.

I do pray that Mr. Sheen gets it together, as he got reamed by the Two and Half Men producers with CBS, and he is just too bright of light to let burn out in what the world is coming to.

So anyway, the Lame Cherry proven right again. I had hoped it was George Clooney as that lump has never had an inspiring role in his entire life being a worthless liberal.

That seems to be Nuff said.

Prodigal come home.