Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Epitaph of Hillary Clinton

 she was pretty once, now even that memory is gone

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I remember Hillary Clinton not being the kind of wife who wanted to bake cookies for her husband. That was in retrospect a generation ago. That is the reason her 2016 campaign for President is as dead as George H. W. Bush's campaign which he lost to Bill Clinton in 1992.

It might seem strange but the minstrels who sang the durge for Hillary Clinton are recorded in the words of Maureen Dowd in Bush World and in George Stevens AKA Stephanopoulos in All Too Human.

Dowd observes that HW Bush lost the election, because his entire staff was worn out, and James Baker was the unhappy camper as electioneer from Sec. of State, and in this mix, the life of Dan Quayle was locked in room, while the Clinton hippies were on a brown shirt rampage.
It was the spirit of Joseph Goebbels which ran the Bill Clinton campaign in 1992. It was Stephanopoulos as spinmeister, Begala wrote the speeches, Carville was the fist in the street, and Joe Klein was the Jew spy guiding the press as he bawled worse than John Boehner at Clinton's speeches.
There was Rahm Emanuel knifing everyone in the back with glee and all of those names now infamous who were always in the Clinton huddle, gutting everyone who even hinted at becoming a threat.

Backing all of this was the CIA operation of Rose Law, in Webster Hubbell and Vince Foster. And in back of this all, with poison bottle in hand was Hillary Clinton, the best political terminator any nefarious candidate ever had.

A generation has passed now, and all of these vital heartless souls are now more inclined to taking naps, than throwing back six vodkas before nailing some wide eyed zealot on the trail.
That is what the reality of Hillary Clinton's campaign is, which is a death watch.

It is no news that it is that vast right wing conspiracy as Bill Clinton noted which is after Hillary Clinton again in 2016, but what is the reality is, Hillary Clinton has Bill off with another blonde, and she has no one with her Rockefeller minder credentials to watch her back.
Huma Weiner being a bitch, a lesbian bitch, might inflate the ego of an old gram named Hillary, but it accomplishes nothing politically, except to make you a more distasteful target of the voters as Muslims, Lesbians and Bitchy Cunts were in vogue with Obama and the wife for 8 years. The voters are ready to move on.

That is the problem for Hillary Clinton in the Jebwing conspiracy submarining her. Jeb has Carly Fiorina, the ugly CONservative, who is out bitching Hillary, to paint the picture just how Gramma, Hillary Clinton is. America is not looking to deliver themselves from the doom of Obama by the Geezer of Benghazi.

This is Hillary Clinton's problem. There is no life in her campaign. She is old. It is all old. Her assembly is what keeps an old tyrant in the White House, and not what puts an old tyrant in the White House.
All of the lying propaganda for Bill Clinton has vanished. All Hillary Clinton has is the blackmail list for the press, and that kind of list is what keeps you in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and not gets you there.

There is no magic in Hillary Clinton. It is all spell.

- Lame Cherry

It is all the Hillary Clinton paradigm. She has showed up at a 3 AM nuclear fight, and is 4 PM late, armed with broken political toys, played with once too often, and having been covered in dust for the past decade.
I do not write any of this with glee. I would never vote for the Rockefeller Republican minder of Bill Clinton, no more than I would for Jeb Bush. It is though like watching the last fight of Muhammed Ali. It was all staged. It was all fake and it was someone who should have quit the game long ago. You want to remember Hillary Clinton with all her savage breast, and not this aged version of saggy breasts.

Bill Clinton was a liar everyone wanted to believe. Hillary Clinton is a liar no one wants to believe.

- Lame Cherry

Hillary Clinton still has the Trojan Horse to get inside the gates of the election for President, but there is nothing inside. Perhaps all of the political capital which was expended for Bill Clinton, used up all the luck for Hillary Clinton.
The jaded realm of George Stephanopoulos breathing righteous indignation, as he had shoved Bob Kerry over the cliff for the campaign or following Hillary Clinton's orders to destroy another bimbo, just has nothing left, as no one believes anything Hillary Clinton says, like a New York whore telling you are the greatest thing ever in between the sheets.

What really is left for Hillary Clinton after Obama sodomized America and Hillary is in her second marriage with Huma? Legalizing rape of children..........hell Obama called hisself a god, so there is nothing liberal left in the liberal left.
America needs more than watching a fat old lesbian on Paris holiday for eight years.

What do you sandwich Hillary Clinton between as her white meat, between dark bread Huma? Another dark bread in Waco Castro of Texas to herd Mexicans to vote for her? There is an Obama blacklash as this blog predicted, and Obama has made the Mexican brown streak as welcome to Democratic voters, black, white and Asian as the runs your white underwear.
There is nothing, absolutely nothing in the Vice President, which does not remind every voter how from another eon Hillary Clinton is. She is the Jeb Bush of the Democratic party being challenged successfully by Bernie Sanders, who is older than dirt.
This is the epitaph of Hillary Clinton. She somehow lived past her expiration date, and looks a great deal like sweet cream turned into old sour curdles. I remember a time when the Clinton's put on grey hair to hide their youth in the White House as the polls told them to. Now there is nothing young which Hillary Clinton can put on to hide how worn out Hillary Clinton is.

Nuff said.